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New Baby Announcement.

Friday, November 09, 2018

Our little family is growing, we are soon to be five. Several years after our first, furry child Papi, we welcomed our very active toddler daughter Anabela who is now (most of the days) very excited to become a little baby sister.


I am due beginning of April 2019 with another very active baby-girl, meaning, I am now in 19th week but judging by my first pregnancy with Bela and this new babygirl's activity in the belly (read: kicking me and moving like crazy already :)) I might give birth early again. We found out gender quite early as we opted to do NIPT blood test which detects several illnesses like Down Syndrom, Edwards etc. early and also detect gender with above 98% accuracy.

Both Ante and I wondered how it would be to have a boy and we wanted to have kids both genders, but I have to also be honest and say I was a bit relieved to find out it is another girl. Ante said the same. We kind of know what to do and feel semi-ready. Both of us are now refreshing our newborn care knowledge.

When we started talking about it we realized that we suppressed a whole lot of Anabela's first 6 months in our memory probably due to chronic lack of sleep, new parent fears and well... otherwise I am not sure we would be courageous enough to go for another one! 😀

Books in Croatian: 'Godine Prve Zasto su Vazne' by Milivoj Ivancevic.
Books in English: 'The Whole Brain Child' and 'No Drama Discipline' by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson.

These are some great books I am currently reading, planning to read or re-reading to prepare for the new baby girl:



Most of my friends and family know I am not what one would call a picture perfect pregnant women. I am sure most would say I seem grumpy or acting a bit in denial, doing everything as usual, as I am not pregnant. This is probably because I hate to use pregnancy as an excuse not to do something so I try to really do everything as usual with more attention on getting enough sleep (not really happening with Anabela around), on eating healthier and exercising regularly.

Pregnancy is truly a gift and a blessing, you realize that once you learn about all the families, some of my friends included, who have a very hard time getting pregnant. With this second pregnancy we were trying for several months mostly due to the fact that my boyfriend travels a lot, finally, we managed to get pregnant during this past Summer when we were on vacation, relaxed and away from stress, work, and frequent traveling.

On the other hand, I definitely am not the type to romanticize this 9-month experience which although it is truly remarkable and highly emotional it is not easy on women body, mind, emotions or life in general.


The first trimester I had plenty of nausea, less vomiting then what I had with Anabela but I was very tired and super sensitive to smell. After week 12 (3 months) my energy level went up again and this is when I resumed with my weekly workouts (which I suspended in the first trimester) and I started to work more hours more productively.

My belly has shown much earlier with this second pregnancy and I also gained a couple of kilos more than with Anabela during the same period.


As sometimes with pregnancy in general, I was particularly in denial to finally start wearing more comfortable pregnancy underwear and clothes which although it has improved in style over the last years there still aren't as many options as with regular clothing.

My favorite pregnancy clothing items to invest in are definitely prego, over the belly tights and denim by Mamalicious, wrap dresses by Seraphine and sweaters by Hatch. The tartan print fanny pack on the photo is from Topshop and sweater is from Mango.

Asos, H&M and New Look on the more economic side also have great choices of maternity and nursing clothes. Since recently Zara and Mango have introduced maternity items as well.

Mommy clothes:


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  1. Congratulations darling, it is not going to be easy as you know it, but it will be worth it!

  2. Congratulations! So happy for you and your family! Looking forward to your maternity outfits! Kelly

  3. Congratulations beautiful! I am looking forward to maternity outfits. By the way, that bra you posted about changed my life, what a big, and I mean big difference! HAHAHA! Dina

  4. Sweet Anabela will become a big sister! So exciting. Congratulations to you and Ante! XoXo

  5. OMG! Congrats!
    Another girl! So excited for you guys!
    Miss you in New York!


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