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Do you speak trench?

Friday, November 02, 2018

The classic piece, every closet staple - the all mighty classic trench coat is one of those pieces you are recommended to invest in and wear over and over again as it never gets out of style. It is a perfect transitional piece which will take you from early Spring to late Fall or in the warmer climate like Spain's, it might be warm enough to wear all Winter long.

This investment piece also makes a fabulous holiday gift for your loved one, male or female. It is easy to style and so versatile it can be worn in a dressy and casual way, from morning park run with kids to evening night out in town.


 Depending on the occasion, I like to style classic caramel trench with accessory in pop colors like bright red, orange, pink and prints like leopard print, navy stripes as well as neutral pastel hues (beige, light pink, baby blue) or classic black and white for an everyday casual look.

The knee length trench is probably the most flattering as it fits perfectly when worn over cigarette trousers, skinny jeans, and booties, or for a more formal look a knee-length dress or a pencil skirt and a pair of classic stiletto heels.

On a casual day when I take my daughter to the park and to run errands, I wear a classic trench with my New Jersey Nets navy baseball hat, striped long sleeve t-shirt or a hoody, skinny jeans or cashmere sweats and the most often with a pair of classic white Converse sneakers.


As you probably know by now if you read my posts frequently I always find a way to add some leopard print to any outfit! 😃 In fact, other than navy stripes, leopard print is my second favorite pattern to accessorize classic trench with. For this posts #OOTD, I added a touch of leopard with Zara red and leopard print neck scarf. For a color pop, I like to add classic Chanel red lipstick.

Other then silk scarf worn around the neck, you can braid it in your hair, tie it around your wrist or ankle or around the belt of your purse.

On top, I like to add a wool hat in one shade darker caramel which not only protects you from cold Fall wind but it also rounds up your outfit beautifully into a complete look. Black, navy or military green hats work equally well.

When it comes to a strong print like leopard print I like to keep it contained and wear it in touches like as a heel detail on suede booties or as simple pointy-toe bow flats.

How do you style your classic trench?

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