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Doing Nothing.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Sometimes you just need a makeup-free, worry-free, laptop free and all other kinds of -free day, out by the pool on the sun and alone. Alone with your thoughts, your worries, hopes, and fears. A time to breathe without doing absolutely nothing else. Sounds simple, I know but it's anything but. 


We are now in Croatia on vacation, traveling and staying at several locations to meet with some family and friends but also to have some time to be alone, only three of us, as a family. 

Yesterday I was playing with my daughter and I felt a bit restless, I was 'only' mobile, no distractions, no TV in the background nor radio. A few seconds later a WhatsApp message sounded on my mobile with a loud beep...sounds awful but I felt a bit of a relief (there it was, in a loud beep I was doing more than one thing again). 

My mom was asking when are we coming for a lunch, next message then arrived from my sister asking what she should bring. I was answering one message after another not noticing my daughter just standing in front of me with a little rabbit in her hand and a very disappointed look on her face. 

'Alo ai!' She ordered pointing at the table, asking me angrily to put my phone down. 'Zeko adormir!' her toy rabbit needed to be put to nap and I was to do it with singing 'Mama voli Belu' a song I remade from a popular cartoon and sing to Anabela before she goes to sleep.

I, who often say how I am very good and conscious about not using my phone much around Anabela have been totally unconscious of how my daughter felt and how much time I spent on two simple WhatsApp messages in the middle of a very important moment during play for her (and I).


Although I try my very best to be present and in the moments I spend with my family I am not so aware and honest to myself when I need to truly take an emergency time out and just go away. To go away guilt free, most importantly.

Go away and be alone with absolutely no distractions. Be alone with myself. Even typing it now sounds terrifying. It sounds like a major waste of time for someone 'so busy' as I consider and pride myself to be.

When I finally do it, when I organize everything at home and at work and leave to have a coffee and read a book in a cafe 2 minutes away from our apartment I find it hard to relax and focus on just reading. I often (not always but often) find myself pulling out my mobile and typing a food shopping list, to do list or looking at kindergarden camera to see my daughter is ok.

Meditation, breathing app and my amazingly supportive boyfriend and a great dad, really do help and push me to go and be alone once in a few days and do something for myself but I often wonder, why don't I also give myself a permission to do the same?


One of major 'aha' moments for me was when my boss in the multination company I worked in said to me: "I think that the most capable and most intelligent people find a way to do fewer things but to do them more efficiently." DU-Ghhhh... I thought but it's easy for him to say from the director's (and males) perspective when he is juggling fewer things at the time. Later on (when I got physically sick) I realized that I can to take charge of the priorities I make and my own work schedule and simply not do some things. I indeed became more productive. Why is it so hard to apply this to the daily family life?

One young woman, a cancer survivor said it best "Will I save someone's life if I stay to work late in the office?' No? Then it can wait until tomorrow."

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  1. Doing nothing is quality time! And a must be ... of course not always but from time to time it helps a lot!


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