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Sunday, June 03, 2018

Ever since I transitioned to work from the fashion industry to more corporate environment I started consciously changing my workwear looks to better fit the company I was representing while still keeping details which allowed me to express my personality. I certainly went down with heel sizes and more classic with my outfit choices by adding more structured pieces and keeping the skirt and dress length mostly up to the knee. 


On the other hand, in last 5 years, I went from the corporate position with quite a lot of travels to work from home office for myself with a couple of out of office meeting a week. This was yet another transition when it comes to my personal workwear style. 

No, I am never wearing pajamas or sweatpants while working in a home office, I swore to myself I will get up and get myself dressed and head to toe ready to go to work (into the next room) and keep myself on my part-time work from home schedule and so far, 5 years later, I am keeping this promise to myself almost every workday (with an exception of days I start of with a trip to the gym). 


During last 3 years, after delivering my daughter, my clothing size kept changing which was also one of the things I kept in mind while shopping for clothes. However, shades and patterns remained the same. I continue to go for long or midi dresses with emphasized waist (which my figure can handle as I am quite tall) like this midi blue linen wrap dress with shirt collar, button fastening and a wrap belt which nicely rounds the figure.

For the business meetings, I wear this dress with blush pink Zara jacket with midi sleeves and decorative pearl buttons to make the look more formal.


I usually use accessories to show off my personal style and add pops of color to more plain colored looks. For this outfit I choose a colorful knot headscarf from Violeta by Mango, chandelier earrings from Violeta by Mango, blush pink velvet chunky sandals with sparkly heel by & Other Stories and a hat backpack by Croatian brand Mala Radnja Dizajna which never goes unnoticed wherever I go.

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4 fabulous comments

  1. This backpack is so wild. What a great idea! Mirna Z.

  2. I have these shoes in black and they are comfortable!
    My problem with linen is that is wrinkles so much, otherwise love how it feels.

  3. I am completely sold on this look, would wear it to work! The backpack is so unique, I love how you support and promote designers from your country.
    XoXo, Shannon


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