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Friday, June 15, 2018

Sometimes you just need to take a break, STOP, turn your face towards the sun and breathe. Just BREATHE. This is what I started to do (too late, but better late than never) when I started having severe stomach problems due to stress. Now, when I have the busiest day, I break it down in chunks mentally and I take many small 5-10 minutes breaks to let myself calm down, breathe and re-center myself to be able to do all I need to do despite continuous lack of sleep (toddler mama reality).


Although I previously shared my meditation, calming methods I don't think it hurts to repeat it. I use CALM mobile app for guided breathing technique and guided meditation for almost a year now and it really helps me fall asleep easier and calm my nerves because of which I have fewer stomach pains as well. It takes very little time but it makes a significant change to how I feel during the day.


Other than breathing/meditating, sitting outside on the suquietlyly for just a few minutes what really helps me center and calm (mind and body) is a regular work out. My standard workout which I do in average 3-5x per week on a good week or 1-2x on a buisy weeek contains of 30 minute running pace 10ish which makes out to be a good 5-6 km run + weight training for core, back, legs and gluts and ab circuit. Work out takes lots of negative energy and stress out and afterwards your legs might be tired but your mind is fresh and your adrenaline up and running. I am a firm believer that work out contributes not only to your physical but also mental health tremendously so if you are a buisy career women or a buisy mom, consider taking some 'me' time in the gym rather then having any beauty treatment or cafe, I promise it will be more rewarding, especially longterm.


My go-to brands for this #ootd are my usual suspects - Free People mini-wrap floral dress made out of cotton-linen material, cool and super soft, perfect for Summer. The same as back when I was living in New York, today when I am a busy mom I carry 2 pairs of shoes with me at all times as sometimes after work meeting I run to pick up my daughter from nursery and take her to park so I go from pumps to sneakers within few hours. I love wearing Spanish made fashion so I opted for Uterque white sneakers and pumps which both go great with the floral wrap dress. My accessory of choice for this outfit was my 'stressed but well dressed' leather Zara clutch.

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  1. great and elegant phones hehehehe! More seriously your summer dress is beautiful!


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