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Hey, Tangerine.

Friday, June 01, 2018

I have to say when I shop for clothing rarely do I go for anything orange or let alone tangerine. That was the case with this adorable, romantic tie shoulder tangerine dress I ordered from the Outnet thinking it was actually red. However, when putting the full outfit together with Ganni bow tie kitten heel pumps and straw hat it all came together quite nicely. 


Since I became a mom I wear much lower heels and more comfortable shoes in general, this does not mean I wear sneakers all day. I try not to compromise on style and elegance thus it took me a while to find a nice pair of V cleavage suede, red kitten heel shoes which are comfortable despite the pointy toe. I opted for Ganni brand and it did not disappoint, these were my only Spring/Summer new shoes which did not leave me with painful blisters. Yay to that! 


In our house, we eat and buy fresh fruit daily since I am trying super hard to avoid buying anything in or with plastic this elegant leather net bag is super useful for daily fruit shopping. After I pick up Anabela from school I stop by local fruit market and just pop different fruit into my leather bag and hand it to cashier lady to weigh it separately without using a separate plastic bag for each piece of fruit. This makes for an elegant and environmentally friendly way to shop and carry fruit. I got this reusable and chic leather net bag from Violeta (plus size Mango brand).


My hat collection is a straw hat richer this week. I got this fab hat from Asos for very little money and it has a useful rubber band on the inside which helps adjust the hat size and prevent it to fly of and you running after it like a lunatic (which is what happens to me often).

Quick tip - when you travel do not pack your hat in the suitcase (unless it's semi full) as it almost always gets ruined. Store the hat filled with tissue paper and when traveling take it with you as a carry-on or pack it in a special hat suitcase.

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3 fabulous comments

  1. You look astonishing my dear! So happy to read your new blog post!


    1. Thank you Natali <3 I grown to like this color.

  2. It still looks red to me! HAHAHA
    I love your style, keep the OOTDs coming girl!


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