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Unique Travel Set - world's most comfortable set of clothing.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Unique Travel Set is a set of 7 perfectly designed and harmonized pieces of clothing packed in a fashionable and multifunctional fabric bag. The set consists of pants, leggings with breathable net, a long shirt, a multifunctional dress, a cap, a belt and removable long sleeves and it all comes in its own multifunctional bag. It weights only 1.7 kilos or just under 4 pounds. 

The Unique Travel Set comes in four sizes (and it includes petite and tall options - YAY!) and is available in Diamond Black, Coal Gray and Golden Beige colors. The ladies behind this set are designer Katarina Dzale and business manager Raseljka Maras.


First thing I noticed when I met Katarina Dzale in Croatia who is a designer part of duo who made this set is the calm and the positive energy she projects. Mind you, I am not the spiritual, yoga, positive energy, mindfulness, zen type. I am honestly more of a manically organized, can't stop, won't stop, sleep is for losers, virgo looney who used to think she can't be bothered to stop and take time to self-reflect, self reevaluate and take time to breath and be alone. Katarina is truly one of the women who got me inspired to take time to get to know me (I don't think she knows that). 

Second thing I noticed is that her clothing designs, her environmentally conscious ways of thinking about designing are not always commercial, they are often ahead of our times, they never focus on the brand name nor her as a designer, she stays outside of the spotlight. 


At first, when I saw the Unique Travel Set presentation online I was skeptical about having a set of clothing pieces made out of the same material as my only a carry 'go to travel wardrobe'. I loved the design of most pieces in the set, the only items I thought I would not use were fabric belt, removable sleeves and a cap however I had a really good feeling about this set so I backed it up on Kickstarter. 

Several weeks later I received it in mail in Croatia where we were on vacation and tried the leggings first. The first thing I noticed that they were long enough for me (which is usually never the case because I have long legs), also the fabric was super soft and light. I traveled in them to Barcelona and they are really, really comfortable and breezy. 


Upon our return to Barcelona I wore the set more and more frequently, different pieces almost on daily basics. All of the pieces fit me perfectly and in black are so easy to combine with other clothing. I could have probably ordered size Small (Tall) for more snug fit as the material has enough stretch but for my lifestyle and constant running around all day looser fit will do perfectly. 

My favorite features of this set are unbelievable comfort, styling versatility (you can truly wear pieces from this set as part of formal look) and quality. I wear and wash items from this set over and over again and the color and structure remained untacked. 


I love that the Unique Travel Set is put together in a way that you can really style it for workout, for work, lounging at home or fancy dinner or a party. My Unique Travel Set is black and consists of leggings, jumpsuit, t-shirt, dress, bag, belt, cap, removable sleeve, sheer tule scarf and sheer tule loose fitting top.I wear leggings, dress and jumpsuit the most and I love playing with removable sleeves and tulle scarf which I just figured out how to work into my personal style once I wore them several time.

We shot this post about 10 days ago, since, I have worn at least one piece from Unique Travel Set a day and I haven't traveled further then my local park. Clothing in this set are truly the most comfortable pieces of clothing I have ever purchased (and trust me, I buy a lot of clothing) and they definitely come loaded with positive energy! 

In next several posts I will show how I style my Unique Travel Set for various different occasions. 

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5 fabulous comments

  1. Looks really comfortable. I would love to see how these fit as pants! Is the fabric sheer at all or not? Luna

    1. Hi Luna! No, fabric is not sheer, it's soft and super comfy! :) Pants fit well with wide belted part, kind of like pregnancy pants with no seems so super comfortable.

  2. This is genius! I will put this on my Christmas list! Hehehehe :)

  3. I am extraordinarily affected beside your writing talents, Thanks for this nice share.

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