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10 Healthy & Quick Muffin Recipes

Thursday, October 19, 2017

After almost a year of eating everything Anabela started to be a picky eater over Summer. As I am adamant to keep her eating veggies and proteins well so I found alternative ways to get all that good stuff, vitamins, minerals and proteins into her without forcing her to eat what she doesn't want to - I packed it all into bite size mini muffins.

As a member of various mommy facebook groups and curious mom cook who likes trying new recipes (which are super quick to make) I tried a whole lot of recipes given by moms, nutritionists and cooks throughout the vastness of internet platforms, forums and Pinterest, after Anabela tried the prepared muffins I tweaked each recipe here and there to make it more healthier or more toddler taste buds friendly and I came up with 10 quick, easy and healthy recipes for your fussy eater toddler.

Before listing out the recipes I listed some useful kitchen tools and gadgets which are not mandatory but are super useful for preparing these muffins, although most you can prepare by using just fork, 2 mid size bowls, baking pan and the oven. :)  The tools listed will make preparation quicker and cleaning after much easier as it all goes into dishwasher and voila, you are done!

All of the recipes are within 8-30 minutes preparation range.

Bellow I am listing some good substitutes in case you want to replace (or omit) any of the ingredients:

  • White/brown sugar can be replaced by honey/maple syrup  - for every 1 cup of sugar, substitute 1/2 to 2/3 cup honey and reduce oven temperature by 25F
  • To avoid egg -measure 1/3 cup applesauce for each egg you are substituting for
  • You can replace white flour with integral flour or you may substitute oats for up to one-third the amount of flour called for in the recipe
  • To replace butter for coconut oil - measure coconut oil in a one-to-one ratio and substitute it for butter

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