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Rain or Shine.

Friday, June 09, 2017

The other day Anabela and I were passing by the neighborhood florist on our way home from the park. She got in to smell the flowers, she gets really close and buries her head in the flower pot and breathes in deeply and then saids 'Mmmm!' with her eyes closed. 😃  This is when I saw the florist finishing one of these large, round rattan basket shoulder bags and I got one to wear as my beach bag this Summer.

I didn't want to style this rattan shoulder bag as part of an obvious Summer beach look but rather explore a more classic Summer day look (yes gold is super classic in my book!) with combining classic button up with pleated shinny gold evening mini skirt. Next, I accented the look with touches of red with classic red bandana, red lipstick and shinny, patent leather sky high stilettos.

I really love how this Missguided gold pleated skirt shines on the sun and how it compliments the raw, natural color and texture of this shoulder bag.

The currently super popular round rattan bag shape takes many forms, some wear it as a more polished mini handbag basket which I intentionally choose this handmade, maxi bag with leather shoulder straps which I will use for my morning market trips but also as a beach bag.

As another red accent option I wore Murano glass heart necklace by Trendcy designer Mandali Mandrilla from her unique, handmade jewelry collection, made in Croatia.

The button up shirt on the photo is a classic J.Crew tall, slim cotton button up which I styled off shoulder by buttoning up only bottom three buttons, I pulled it off the shoulder and tucked it the collar neatly all around the shoulders and up front. It's just important to wear well fitted skin color or white strapless bra and high waist fitted pants or skirt to keep this shirt in place.
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4 fabulous comments

  1. You're looking absolutely gorgeous and so ladylike in this glam-chic daytime combo!


    1. Thanks so much Natali! :) I played a bit with classic and touches of red.

  2. I would never try to wear raffia basket with gold and red but this actually works great. Thanks for inspiration darling!


  3. I really really dig this look. So classy! Nina Z.


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