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Sunday, June 18, 2017

After successful blog post collaboration with sustainable fashion brand Puppa from Slovenia we teamed up again recently for another project - up-cycled denim capsule collection. I worked with Puppa design team to create a small, cotton denim, Summer collection of dresses and casual accessory which will be available in Puppa online shop by the end of June.


Puppa is a unique slow fashion brand from Slovenia who hand-makes high quality up-cycled women's clothing, ethically, while producing zero waste.

Puppa's goal is to prove that up-cycled clothing doesn't have to be less fashionable and less trendy then fast fashion pieces we are bombarded with in advertising.

When you shop Puppa limited edition pieces you can look good and feel good because you will be wearing high quality, super soft and comfortable limited edition clothing without hurting the environment. All of the clothes is hand-made by skilled seamstresses in Slovenia who used to work for well known Slovenian luxury brand Mura.

Puppa offers limited edition collection such as LaKatWalk capsule denim collection as well as made-to-order pieces.

Made to order means that you can provide your measurements via online form on their web shop and they hand-make selected piece from their shop according to your measurements so it fits you perfectly.


Many are not really sure what up-cycling means and they confuse it with second hand, already worn clothing.

To up-cycle means to reuse a piece of material to create an object of higher quality. 

Puppa uses left over high quality materials from luxury brands or new, unsold clothing pieces (for example men's denim shirts) to create new women's clothing pieces. 


I got an idea for LaKatWalk Denim capsule collection from curating my closet when it was time for us to do our yearly 'Summer move' from Barcelona to Dubrovnik. You know how you have those pieces of clothing you wear over and over again, Summer to Summer without them looking worn out and dated? I realized that many of those pieces are actually a soft cotton denim pieces. Even when they wrinkle a bit from sitting in airplane they look stylish. 

Once I curated my most worn Summer pieces to pack them up I also realized most of them are dresses so we decided to play with some seasonal trends and create light Summer dress collection which can be accessorized in a way that it can serve as a full Summer wardrobe no matter where you spend your vacation. 

Some of the pieces you will notice will be multifunctional and you will be able to wear some dresses as a skirt or a top or a dress, depending if you are going to the beach or for a late dinner date. 


Overall denim dress is one of my favorite pieces from this collection and a very trendy dress to wear this season. I choose for this one to be in midi version as when you walk around the city as a tourist this length is decent enough for whatever landmark you might be visiting. 

I usually wear denim overall dress with white or navy stripped t-shirt for day or with off shoulder white long sleeve top and heels for evening walk. 

To accessorize the dress I used gold and red accents in form of a red bandana neck scarf, gold star earrings and platform sandals. 

I choose to wear the dress with Puppa denim backpack which fits your swimsuit, sunscreen lotion and a towel if you are going to the beach or your daily handbag necessities. The backpack also closes tight so you don't have to worry about behind the back sneaky thefts. 

All photos by Andrina Peric

I am anxious to hear what you think about this first look in my denim Summer capsule collection?
Do you wear denim a lot in Summer as well?

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  2. When will this collection be available for purchasing?
    Does Puppa have store in Slovenia somewhere cause I can't find the address online.


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