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Refreshing Summer florals.

Monday, May 15, 2017

I got this gorgeous floral dress by Croatian fashion brand Elfs for Anabela's christening last Summer. This is not the kind of dress you would wear on a regular basics as it is super rich and festive, made out of great quality material and bright in color. I wore it to a couple of special events and it was always a conversation piece.

For this post we photographed the dress in a gorgeous Terazza Martinez restaurant located close to Montjuic park, high above Barcelona where you can see spectacular panoramic view of the whole city of Barcelona.  Bright red color of Aperol Spritz, breezy and blurry from heat Spring day made a perfect backdrop to bright colorful floral Elfs dress.

Such a rich in color and pattern Summer dress does not need a lot of accessory so I generally avoid wearing jewelry with it. This time I accessorized with Gianluca Soldi sandals and my daily Zac Posen handbag in which I carry my whole life on a daily basics. 😃

All photos by Andrina Peric
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1 fabulous comments

  1. Spectacular dress!
    Does it have a tule under-frame?


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