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The First Beach Day

Saturday, April 01, 2017

When we were deciding on which country and city to move to a number of years ago now, being close to the beach along with the fabulous weather and world known charm Barcelona was an obvious choice. Being at or close to the beach cures my soul I feel. It brings the tranquility to my body and mind and it clarifies it better and quicker then any spa treatment or yoga class. This is why, whenever I can I do my weekend planning session at the beach.

Before having Anabela I used to just take my dog, a blanket, my planner and some water and drove to the Gava Mar beach early in the morning on Saturday. Out of season there is barely anyone there, especially if it's windy. I don't mind wind at all (although my hair and my hat did at this particular shoot 😃 ).

I recently got this beautiful, airy white off shoulder midi dress with frills by Uterque and it made a perfect 'back to beach planning' outfit for this shoot. I combined it with my super old Rugby Ralph Lauren belt and leopard print espadrilles for the first look.

For the second look I combined Zara head scarf and Miyuu Barcelona custom pink leather bucket bag with chain belt. I ordered this handbag from designer and it's one of a kind. She made it with a piece of Moroccan carpet which gives it a pop of color and unique texture.

Last Summer I got this fabulous wide rim custom hat from Talliya Couture , but since my toddler tries to play with it often I spent all Summer straightening the rim with books in order to be able to wear it again! Although super gentle, this is my favorite beach hat. I wear it with head scarf bellow to prevent it from flying away on a windy day.

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2 fabulous comments

  1. I am visiting Barcelona in July and most definitely going to this beach! How serene!

  2. I tried to order this hat but they don't ship to Canada, do you know another store where they custom make it?



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