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Traveler's Dream - Luzio Barcelona.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

For the location of this shoot I choose a unique concept store in my neighborhood Luzio.  Luzio was opened in 2006 by María José Gómez and Maximiliano Zigart so last year the shop celebrated 10 year anniversary. 

 Luzio is a first luxurious concept store in Barcelona with over 800 m2 of space in exclusive Turo Park neighborhood with unique experience which represents a delight to all five human senses: sight , touch, hearing and smell. 

The venue includes a luxurious home decor and furniture shop, flower shop and a Brooklyn style restaurant Iluzione opened on shop's 10th anniversary. 

If you get a chance to visit Barcelona be sure to visit and experience this exquisite shop where you can buy high quality home-wear and accessory carefully curated by Luzio's experienced team of buyers.


As a base of my outfit I choose Miro Mišljen Design vest with unfinished seems.The front of the vest is flared outwards and it ties in waist with a ribbon with two side front pockets. The vest is made out of two different materials, front one is soft dark green checkered material while the back is made out of thicker carpet like wool in floral print, resembling embroidery.

Miro Misljen is one of the most popular Slovenian fashion designers, he studied interior design but fashion was his love since the early childhood.

Miro opened his first boutique when he was only twenty years old and since has been favorite designer of Slovenian celebrities. He is known as a 'bad boy' of fashion as his shows are often shocking and designed to carry a social or artistic message. He is known as an extravagant and somewhat eccentric designer.

Miro is forever inspired by love and people living on margins of society, he always searches for new ways to combine fashion and art.

I purchased the vest as I loved this carpet floral material on the back and I saw myself wearing it with white bell sleeve blouses or grey t/shirt and high waisted black jeans.


Hats are one of the accessory I wear the most! I got lots of hats and I choose them carefully. The green wool hat I am wearing in this post is by MIYUU Barcelona . Handbag I am wearing is a super-hero handbag by Croatian brand Hero4Heroes. My ID bag saids my super power is being Anabela's mum which is really the truth as this 'job' takes more energy then anything else I ever have done!

Whenever I wear this handbag I see people sitting next to me reading from an ID card that is on the front of the bag and smiling! 😃

The brand Hero4Heroes is based in Rijeka, Croatia. It represents a positive fashion spirit for true everyday heroines dressed up from head to toe. Designer Marijana Hero mostly designs unique, one of a kind pieces that are partly or fully hand painted on silk.

Her designs are embellished with pearls and faux gemstones. The brand is known for it's bright and cheerful spirit and using colors and fabrications in full rainbow color pallet.

When it comes to jewelry I wear necklaces the most but I also like statement rings like the Trendcy ring I have on the photo bellow.

I decorated the vest with vintage pins I collected over years, most of which I purchased on various yard sales and in antique shops in New York, each has it's own story. For example, this long wooden needle pin is from my grandmother and it was worn as a pin on red checkered Scottish pleated skirt.  

For the past 2 years since I found some fabulous ear cuffs I wear those whenever I am going somewhere without Anabela as she always pulls it when I carry her. The bronze color floral ear-cuff I am wearing on the photo bellow is from H&M, I got it in late 2015.

I also own a fair number of choker necklaces and my favorite one are velvet ones, I have a couple of those simple chokers from Asos.

All photos: Andrina Peric

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  1. I really like the vintage feel in this post. Really beautiful colors.


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