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The Women Bag - Joanna Kruczek.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Women Bag by Joanna Kruczek

Joanna Kruczek is well known Polish handbag designer who's work I first learned about through working with her on Trendcy. I was really drawn to her bags as they look and feel unique both in the way they are made, using high quality materials but also with innovative usage approach which I always admire.

Joanna Kruczek handbags

Joanna designs handbags, suitcases and leather accessory for men and women and she is the only Polish designer who has patented (all through European Union) her two most popular handbag designs: ORIGAMI and WOMEN.

Her starting point when designing a new bag is the culture. The culture of the bag in specific country thus Joanna considers herself as equally cultural anthropologist and an accessory designer.


I was specifically interested in Joanna's patented The Women bag so I had a quick chat with designer to learn about her inspiration.

This bag shape and black patent leather reminded me of the bag Angelina Jolie wore during one of her secret agent missions as Mrs.Smith in Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie. I remember she used the handbag to escape the murder scene by jumping from the tall building window using it's multi-functionality as the bag had the wire rope mechanism inside.

The Women Bag
The Women bag comes in white and black patent leather, red patent leather with fur and cream color

 Joanna pointed out that the bag is made out of genuine leather and finished with luxurious satin silk lining by the house of Armani. All of the materials used for the bag are imported from Milan. While the bag is made by the best Polish craftsmen.

"For the Women bag I was inspired by the harmony of the female body.
The Women bag thanks to its unique shape also seems to remind people on guitar, cello, pear. It's fascinating for me to discover the bag's new meanings for shoppers."

While working on designing The Women bag Joanna was thinking about what would be considered the shape of femininity and what is the importance of femininity in the world today, both for men and women.


During design process Joanna always has the modern women in mind, who will be looking for a unique handbag, to express her unique personality. She also had in mind the fact that a modern women needs a practical bag which she can use daily.

Joanna Kruczek Handbag

"When I dress up in the morning. A bit differently probably then most women I start by choosing a bag and then build my outfit around it."

This 'ideal customer' is a resident of a large city, she loves to play with fashion, she admires haute-couture but what she looks to wear is her own version of ready to wear. She looks to wear clothing to express her personality, not just to showcase current fashion trends.

You can discover and shop the whole selection of Joanna's work of art handbags and accessory here.

Joanna Kruczek Pink Handbag

Joanna Kruczek blue clutch bag

Joanna Kruczek box black bag

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