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Small but mighty skin care gadget - LUNA play.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Cute as a button, the size and the color of a delicious powder pink macaroon LUNA play byFOREO is definitely the most adorable looking skin care gadget I ever tried. I have the same skin care routine for years and I rarely introduce a new product or a cleaning device for that matter. 


LUNA play is the smallest deep-cleansing facial device by Swedish company FOREO, with pulsating super gentle silicone brush up front and play button on the back. It is completely waterproof and you can use it up to 100 times, as it is non-rechargeable. It works for all skin types as well. 

The soft silicone it's made of is completely resistant to bacteria build up (unlike for example your shower loofah). 

The brush head has two zones: a thinner, bigger silicone bristles for gentle skin part of your face (around eyes, cheeks and the mouth area) while thicker bristles on the top  are to be used for T-zone cleaning (forehead, nose and beard). 

LUNA play by FOREO is the perfect and by my experience the most gentle cleaning device to try if you are looking for a face cleaning device. 


You should use LUNA play for 1 minute, 2x a day. You should see visible results after a few uses. First you should wash your face with water, apply your regular face cleaning product, press play on LUNAplay and gently massage your face using thin bristles on softer part of your face and thicker bristles on top for washing T-zone.  

I decided to try LUNA play as in comparison to other similar products it appeared more gentle to skin and simpler to use. And on top you can choose among 7 beautiful colors and it's tiny so it fits in any cosmetic bag thus perfect for travel. 


It is fair to say that I have a quite sensitive dry skin with at times oily T-zone. Face cleaning routine and products I am using are about the same for years. I do my quarterly face cleaning at the salon with La Mer products and here and there I do additional treatment. I use La Roche-Posay Effaclar face cleaning wash gel and La Mer day and night face creams.

Before trying LUNA play I also tried Clinique and Clarisonis brushes which I both got as a present and felt like they are a bit aggressive on my skin, making it drier and sensitive to touch after cleaning (but that's just my experience). 

After first 6 days of using LUNA play I noticed minor changes, while now after using it for two weeks I do plan to keep it as essential part of my face cleaning - particularly exfoliating.

The results I personally noticed with LUNA play are softer skin to touch, less t-zone shine (no makeup, no filter :P) and less visible pores/more even skin tone. Also, my subjective feeling is that my face creams are better absorbed now as my skin feels more fresh during the day and it's softer to touch.


If you are reading this from Croatia you can get your LUNA play at dm drugstores all around the country, or via FOREO online shop. If you are reading this from other countries worldwide you can also look for it on

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