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Are you wearing the right bra size?

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Did you know that over 80% of women are wearing a wrong bra size? The other day I went through my bra drawer, I washed and stored all of my nursing bras and brallets as I am not breast feeding Anabela anymore and I realized that now (post-prego) most of my bra's don't fit well at all (well frankly, some of my pre-prego clothes also don't fit yet but that's a story for another post)! Some of my sexy time lace bra's start feeling to tight while pre-baby super comfortable seamless shape bra-s are not providing a great support anymore and I am starting to have a bit of a side boob spill over which is not a good look!

So, to solve these bra-blems I started having I went bra-shopping. 


Don't even look at your bra drawer and continue to buy the same size bra if you have any discomfort at all when wearing any of your bras!

Just take a tape measure and measure your ribcage (where your bra should sit) , directly underneath your boobs and horizontally all the way around your back. The tape should be snug around your torso but not pulled tight so it digs in or slack and able to move (your bra back band should only just get 2 fingers under – it should be firm and when you drop your straps it shouldn’t move). 

Whatever the number says - this is your back band bra measurement. If you have an odd number then try both sizes (one up and one down) try them and see which is most comfortable.

When researching this topic online I stumbled upon a great site which helps identify your bra Fit in few simple steps. Find your perfect bra-fit here.


As underwear goes directly on your private parts you want to make sure they are always super clean and made out of great quality natural materials which will allow your skin to breath. After all, you wear them all day most days. 

Shop fabulous bras:


Ideally, the best care for your undies would be if you could hand-wash them, however, if the reality of your busy life doesn't allow it, you can certainly take measures to make sure that your underwear keeps their original shape and serves you well longer. 

Make sure you use the mash wash lingerie bags for your bra and for your panties before putting them into the washer, hook your bra together and wash it on cold, gentle cycle with detergent for delicates.

Always store your bras standing up in a drawer with enough room to breathe, never fold them half. When packing bras for travel put them in the garment bag on top of the other clothing and fill the cups with other clothing or socks so they don't loose shape.

Shop lingerie care:

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