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The 2017 Trendiest Handbags

Monday, September 19, 2016

Just like with unique shoes I go crazy for unique, stand out handbags. They don't need to be a name brand as then more people have them and that makes them less special, I like to find those unique gems which are not only well made, usually out of leather and fun embroidery, but also come with a fun background story. 

My most recent purchase was this hat shaped backpack by Croatian designer Madval made out of eco leather and real leather.

In this post I am sharing 4 trendiest handbag types (clearly alongside a backpack) for 2016/2017 season.

The Novelty Handbag


This is the kind of bag you buy because you are absolutely drawn to it, it's not a bag you look to wear every day with any outfit. It's a stand out handbag, original piece everyone will admire. A piece you will cherish and save to hand down to your child. This handbag is not a status piece like the brand name bags which scream "I am rich", this bag's statement is "I have a unique style".

My favorite examples of such handbags are Diamond Ring handbag by Homanz, Cuckoo Bird Backpack by Clox and Women handbag by Joanna Kruczek which is actually protected with patent for innovation.

Shop novelty handbags:

The Micro Bag

Probably the cutest bag trend in 2017 are mini bags. You know, the exactly the same as your favorite lusting-over signature designer handbags in miniature version (baby size which can't fit your wallet) at more palatable price. With the rise of the Konmari method, if you go for micro-bag trend you will seriously need to rethink what are your every day essentials as with these bags you can only carry probably a credit card and a lip gloss on you.

Shop micro handbags:

The Cross-body Bag

The cross body handbag is the most traditional mid size handbag which if you refresh it with ultra popular guitare strap can definitely be the chicest item in your outfit! If you are not looking to purchase a whole new cross body bag to meet the trend you can easily just purchase a strap and attach it to the favorite everyday cross-body bag from your closet. I love these styles by Rebecca Minkoff.

Shop cross body bags:

The Top Handle Bag


The classic top handle bag is back for a number of seasons now and not going anywhere! It's the only really acceptable tote to.“A true woman’s work bag,” is how one designer described it. Even though due to it size it can be unpractical when full and when it doesn't come with over the shoulder strap this handbag truly has the most ladylike form a bag can have!

 “A handheld bag has something special about it – it evokes memories of a kinder, less harried, gentler, more ladylike time.”

Shop top handle bag here:

What is the handbag style you are drawn to the most?

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