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3 Great Sources of Baby Recipes

Sunday, September 04, 2016

My daughter Anabela was breastfed until about 4 months and then due to serious mastitis I had and lost most of the milk we transitioned to formula (Almiron Advanced Digest). Anabela was and still is a great eater but often quite gassy which disturbs her sleep. She slept wonderful (up to 7-8 hrs/night) once her colics stopped from about 4 months to 5.5 months but then she started waking up to eat two to three times a night. She usually doesn't even finished the bottle but falls a sleep after drinking half of it.


I started introducing solids with cereals (without gluten) and continued with zucchini (1/3 of medium zucchini) once a day around noon for lunch along with a bottle of formula milk (180 ml) and I went on for 3 days with zucchini to see if there will be any allergic reactions. I continued the same way with other foods: apple, pear, red potato, avocado, banana etc.

I intentionally went with veggies first before fruits as I was afraid she might refuse to eat veggies if I start her with fruit which is usually sweeter and easier to eat then unseasoned vegetables. Now Anabela is 6 months and I started combining foods we already tried to make these meals more nutritious, tasty and fun for her. Thankfully, so far she loved all she tried.

If you are wondering what are the signs to look for to check if your baby is ready to start with solids read more here.

In different parts of the world different foods are recommended by pediatricians to start with, I discussed this topic in great length with baby nutritionist here in Barcelona, Spain and I also referred to food charts I found in Croatia (download here) and one I got from nutritionist which is widely used in Western Europe (download here).

Source: Wholesome Baby Foods
The main difference I found is that in Croatia (and most Eastern Europe) they recommend to start introducing solids with 6 months while in Western Europe and US recommendation is to start anywhere between 4-6 months.

Personally, I think it's best to get as much knowledge you can about the topic from your pediatrician, nutritionist based on your baby's situation and then just bring informed decision yourself on when to start.


After discussing it with our pediatrician we started slowly adding solids to Anabela's diet once per day in small amounts starting with 4.5 months. I purchased Beaba baby steam cooker which my friend Iva recommended which makes it super easy to steam cook and mix into pure baby's food in minutes. You can even make two meals (fruits and veggies) at the time as it has two pitchers.

Get your baby cook bellow:


Annabel Karmel is a fellow “mumpreneur” from United Kingdom juggling life as a busy working mother of three with a hugely successful career. Since launching with the book Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner more than 20 years ago, Annabel has written 40 books, which have sold over four million copies worldwide, covering every stage of a child’s development.

With more than 20 years’ experience under her apron, Annabel has become the UK's number one parenting author, best-selling international author and expert on devising delicious, nutritious meals for babies and children. Her website also features wonderful recipes for your moody pregnancy appetite.

The website is incredibly easy to use and contains recipes per baby's age. There is a drop down menu on the right side of her website where you enter the age of your baby and then you get beautifully pictured recipes for your baby. You can also see Annabel's recipes for pregnancy, family or the baby on her mobile app or if you prefer a book she also sells cookbooks on her webshop.

Shop Annabel Kamel cookbooks:


Chiara's mom, originally from my home town of Zagreb in Croatia is also a chef and she features fabulous baby food images and recipes on her Facebook page in Croatian and Instagram in English. My friend Petra recommended this page which definitely serves as inspiration for me both for meals I cook for my boyfriend and I and for Anabela. She also plans to do cooking classes for mom's in Zagreb soon. Her pages are definitely worth following so check them out!


Kids Food Universe is really a wonderful source of fun and healthy recipes (hell I would eat most of these any day!) for your baby, toddler and a child. They also often feature fun giveaways on their site and give useful tips on how to pick well ripped produce in your local store.

This page is managed by mum from Denmark and she has a large following on Instagram as well. I love her video recipes on Instagram and simple diagrams with seasonal produce which can be really helpful when wondering what to cook next.

What are the great cooking inspiration sources you use when preparing food for your baby?
I would love to learn more! Type yours in comment!

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  1. Great post! My friend was just saying the other day how she is out of ideas! I shared this post with her.

  2. Where did you order your baby cook from? I was comparing prices online and there seems to be a huge difference in prices on various sites! I might go with only one pitcher.
    Lily's mom


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