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Tick Tock Your Handbag is a Clock.

Friday, August 05, 2016

For some time now I have been following this innovative young accessory brand from Croatia -  CLOX.
CLOX is a time themed accessories brand known for its patented stilettos with fully functional, custom made clocks (yes they really work and show correct time!). It’s a brand searching for all aspects of time, criticizing and playing with it. 


In its first collections CLOX was telling stories about circles of time — one day, one year, one lifetime, always asking one question: do we make repetitive circles day after day, like legs on the clocks, or are we moving forward? Clocks on the shoes emphasize movement — we are chasing time, all the time. 
One of my favorite products by this brand is a versatile black leather time bow which can be worn as a bow tie, hat ribbon, belt or a hair tie or any way you want really... just like   CLOX stilletoes and flats  this bow comes with working clock which is really unisex so it can be worn by anybody with fabulous style.


This Summer CLOX brand launched their first collection of premium leather clutches and backpacks. This capsule collection features 5 different models in light blue and pale pink and just like all CLOX products, all handbags are thoughtfully and intelligently made to be extremely functional and versatile.

Cockoo Bird is a backpack is inspired by old cuckoo wall clocks. It can be worn as a bag or a backpack and is made of premium pink and black leather. Cuckoo bag come in hard   CLOX box with a silk strap.


Another unique feature of CLOX brand is exquisite quality of making, attention to detail and quite unique packaging. Considering that this is a fairly young brand I have to say I am really impressed with their unique Net-a-porteish packaging design which consist of hard boxes and beautiful silk ribbons, really makes a girl feel special! 
If you want to send yourself a fabulous and smart accessory gift - shop  CLOX here.

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