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All Fall Fashion Top Trends for 2016.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Photographed by Mario Testino, Vogue, September 2016

This season I decided to summarize all of the Autumn/Winter 16' season trends in one post as there are truly a lot of fun ways to wear and style these runway trends in real life. 

Of course, with this post I do not suggest that you go out and buy a bunch of fast fashion pieces to cover all trends of the season. Nobody has this kind of money and just piling up trends does not necessarily mean you will be dressed fabulously. 

 This is just  a list of current trends and you certainly have some of these pieces in your closet or your mom and grandma might. The beauty of stylish dressing is in combining vintage pieces with those pieces you have in your closet from previous years and with one or two great quality new statement pieces you might want to purchase. 


Galaxy Print - looks like the fashion world is equally excited about the potential of space travels like the rest of us wondering if there is a better world for us somewhere out there! I love how & Other Stories brand did galaxy print.

Valentino PreFall 2015 (now in retail)

Gold Metallic - metallics (and not just gold) have started to make an appearance in Spring already but they really shined through on Fall runways. I love how designers showed metallic gold pieces in styled as part of daily looks. My favorite gold metallic piece of the season is definitely midi pleated skirt.

Fall Florals - no matter what time of the year it is, I am very much into print and florals! Fall florals are much more grunge. I like to pair my maxi floral slip dresses with white t-shirt and sandals or sneakers in this transitional period while I wear it with leather jacket and chunky heel boots in Winter.

Shades of Tan - from muted khaki to soft camel this Fall you will see much more then 50 shades of tan in stores. I personally have moods where I like to wear a classic tan trench with vintage brown belt and tan suede boots over dark jeans. 

Reconstructed Denim - many designers played with denim patching this season be it a patchwork denim dress, denim skirt with sleeves or a flare added or a boyfriend jeans with patched up wide cuff.

Pink + Yellow - one of the New York Fashion Week most often runway featured and not so Fall typical color combos was dusty pink and yellow.


Easy Pleats - as I mentioned earlier writing about gold metallics, I am in search for a fabulous midi gold metallic pleated skirt as one of a few investment pieces this Fall. I do have a thin navy blue sequin embellished skirt but it definitely isn't suited for colder weather. 


Velvet Everything - I already posted about velvet as THE fabric this season. I love how its so soft and cozy but at the same time luxurious and makes a well put together outfit look expensive. My favorite wear to wear is on my feet (velvet sandals - yes sometimes with socks) or  

Statement Faux Fur - both faux and real fur made a big appearance on AW 16 runway shows. I am not a huge fur person myself, definitely not a real fur person. I was very impressed with this fabulous 

Pinstripe Pantsuits - the new pantsuit is slim and colorful and equally appropriate for a dance floor and a boardroom. I love them in silk and velvet!

Tinsel - another shinny material which can look like feathers but is not as fragile. It ads shine to outfits but is less shiny then sequins. This season we saw it on a runway in a form of cocktail dresses, jackets and coats.

Tinsel dresses at Dolce & Gabanna 

Patent Leather Trench Coats - these babies also double up as rain coats due to fabrics water resistant quality. If well cut these can be incredibly sexy, chic and functional part of your Fall wardrobe. 

Gray Plaid - this Fall plaid on runways was everything but basic and boring. We could see designers like Victoria Beckham and Calvin Klein featuring plaid in a more subtler, cleaner and modern way on all from coats to light evening dresses.

Big Ruffles - often times everything we see on runway is over exaggerated and not always wearable. This season big ruffles are not only wearable but also quite figure flattering.


The Statement Choker - whatever you tie around your neck this Fall be it a thin leather string tied in a bow, a statement embellished chocker or a thin silk scarf you will add a trendy upgrade to every outfit.

Embellished Gloves - I am all into old glamour accessory, after hats I love maxi elbow length gloves. This season we could see beautiful silk and leather gloves embellished with ruffles, silk flowers and ornaments. I will definitely be on a lookout for a fabulous pair to wear with my 3/4 sleeve coat! 

Del Pozo AW 2016

Corsets & Harnesses - could be a bit sado-mazo looking in real life but on runway they look extra fabulous! I do like to see fashionistas styling a corset skillfully into a daywear look. 


Fur Stoles Worn Cross Body - fur stoles have always been one of the favorite ways for designers to add luxury touch to an outfit. This season the fur stoles are styled asymmetrically across the body, tucked under the belt  and draped over the evening gowns.

Creative Ways to Wear Your Bag - for the past few seasons designer bags are getting smaller and smaller and this season we could see a lot of creative ways to wear the purses on top of regular over the shoulder. Designers have styled the handbags around the waist, around the neck, wrist etc. Play with how you wear your handbag this season, just make sure it's light! :)  

Prada AW 2016.

Silver Metal Details - add some edge to your tone down Fall/Winter look with metallic ring embellishment, a statement broach or a large silver belt loop ring.

Turtleneck under a dress - this is a mega trend which has been covered by designers across the board. The beauty of this trend is that you can now layer long sleeved shirts with those sleekly evening dresses you might not get to wear that often as part of a daily look. This trend fits all body shapes also!


Statement Sleeves - statement sleeves have taken over the runway! Forget your average boring straight sleeve and say hello to a bell sleeve, sleeves decorated with bows, shoulder cut off sleeves etc.

Off The Shoulder Tops and Dresses - Hello 80s! Off the shoulder trend we are seeing for three seasons now is staying with us all through the Fall and it's also getting an upgrade with one sleeve tops and dresses often featured with large ruffles on runway.

Outerwear trends - on top off the statement furs, most prominent outerwear pieces from the runway were navy overcoatsgreen trench coats and shearling bombers and puff jackets worn not only over day looks but also over evening gowns.  

Pinafore Jumpers - some designers took 'back to school' season very literary so we could see plaid on runway of various designers from DKNY to Calvin Klein. Find jumpers and dresses you can wear on their own now or later with a turtleneck or layered with sweater. 

Hoodies - looks like hoodies also made it to runway! Paired with anything from maxi skirts, track suite or tight high boots. I think I'll keep mine for in the house and to the gym wear only! 

Capelets (aka mini capes that cover only your shoulders) - I used to own a cape jacket but I was never a huge fan of capes. This season we are seeing capelets added to dresses and tops.

Which of these trends can you see yourself wearing this season?

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