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10 Sexy One Piece Swimsuits from Asos.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This year different then all of the previous I am looking for one piece swimsuit to strategically cover some parts of the body which I am still working on post pregnancy. Just the thought of having to wear one got me thinking....great...I will be looking like one of the old ladies on the beach and having all those ridiculous tan lines. After careful research, I beg to differ with my prejudice of one pieces being 50+ only.
While looking for one I researched most shops who ship globally and I only considered those under 350 USD/cc 200 Euro price point. Also, since I am quite tall and now after pregnancy I still have some extra boobage, I definitely need to consider going size up or search for Tall Size pieces so they don't squoosh my breasts. 


White Laser Cut Bohoo Swimsuit 28.99 Euro

Yellow Deep V-Cut Swimsuit 18.99 Euro (available in more colors)

White Tie Up Swimsuit 44.99 Euro
Mix & Match White South Beach Swimsuit 30.99 Euro


                                            Purple Deep V-Cut Swimsuit (TALL) 18.99 Euro
Silver Wolf & Whistle Swimsuit 39.99 Euro


On top of really affordable pieces Asos offers some unique designer pieces. My favorite ones are by Lee + Lani, even though expensive, definitely most unique and definitely a piece you will be wearing for many Summers. 
Blue Night Snake Print Swimsuit 183.99 Euro
Lee + Lani Starry Night Swimsuit 318.99 Euro

I personally ordered two of the swimsuits from this post, naturally the purple tall size one :) but I also went for Blue Life Tie Up. 
What are your favorites? 
Hot or not? :)

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