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5 Super-Powers of a New Mum.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Once I became a mom I experienced a complete priority shift which kind of sounds like this - "Baby first, then everything else!" 

The most fabulous thing about becoming a mom which I started noticing already within first weeks of being at home with a baby are all these new super powers I discovered I had and never knew about. So... I decided to list first 5 single most fabulous things I learned about myself during these short long first 2 months and 11 days months of being home with my daughter Anabela.

#1 Doing everything with only one hand & backwards hunched back.

My daughter Anabela is a preemie and she really likes to must be held and carried at all times including when I go to the toilet. I spend most of my days carrying her in the baby carrier or just in my arms with my back hunched backwards. 

I have been doing it for so long it became a habit so even when my boyfriend has Anabela I sometimes continue with my 'reverse quasimoto' walk as I go along with my daily business.

Since I carry Anabela around most of the day, I usually have only one of my hands free to cook, do laundry and work (yes, I am typing this with one hand only).

#2 Mind reading.

Patience is indeed a virtue unless you go mad in the process. :) They say baby's needs are simple. Baby's routine is usually Eat, Sleep, Poop, repeat... easy, right? Wrong!  

You might take care of ESPRs but they still cry and cry and cry day and night. You just need to read their mind and see what is wrong if ESP is taken cared of...maybe your baby needs to fart or burp or be positioned for sleep in 45 degree angle. But no worries...you learn how to read their mind fairly quickly...usually just minutes before you would flip and become absolutely mad.

#3 Surviving without food & sleep.

Since my baby requests to be carried (if I don't carry her she goes blue in her face from crying) for the first couple of weeks I waited for her to go to sleep to go to toilet and to eat, she didn't sleep much during the day so I basically ate for the first time around 7pm. 

Now, when the baby-moon is over I just eat over the top of her head (cold solid dishes) and carry her in a carrier when I go to the toilet. 

Since she has colics for the first 4 weeks Anabela didn't sleep for more then hour and a half or two at a time and I continued to check if she was breathing in the meantime  between feedings so I basically got almost no sleep at all.

#4 Sleeping with eyes open (sometimes while standing).  

No matter if Anabela is sleeping or not and even though I purchased and installed breathing monitor, I jump up randomly for no reason every 20 minutes to check if she is breathing. The other day, for example, I took a little nap while standing in line in Starbucks and nobody noticed a thing.

#5 Becoming a multitasking machine.

When I need to calm down my baby I am able to make up random song lyrics to any beat along with preety smooth dance moves which often include rocking back and forward and side to side, all while cooking lunch and/or folding laundry. 

I can't imagine the mighty super-powers mum's of two or more kids have!
What is your super-power? :)

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