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Valentine's Day Ideas for Singles or Couples.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

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Valentine's day has always been about celebrating love, relaxation and awaking different senses for me no matter if you are in relationship or not. It's not about expensive presents and it's not only about sex. It's definitely about indulgence. You will unlikely feel the extreme sensation of love (or lack of it) tomorrow just because it's February 14th but why not put an effort, use your imagination and make your Sunday just a bit more extra fabulous tomorrow?


If you are single, use Valentine's Day to pamper yourself, sleep in, listen to your favorite music, relax or go for a spa day with your best friend. Why not? 

You should love yourself, celebrate your love towards your fabulous self and you definitely deserve it! Finish the day of wearing your favorite dress and a red lipstick just because. Prepare a great home made dinner or go out to a fancy restaurant and eat it with an expensive glass of red wine followed by decadent rich chocolate desert (no counting calories please).


Valentine's Day is not about expensive presents. It's easy to go to any store and buy chocolates and a perfume. Opt for a more personalized gift, really take time to think about what your partner loves and why, if it's a chocolate, what kind of chocolate? Try to personalize her/his gift. Maybe add her favorite flowers to the mix or make/purchase a set of bracelet with each others names engraved or important date for your relationship. You can find a fabulous ones on  Etsy.


More important then choosing a present is certainly to give a gift of your time and attention (no cellphones allowed). Look each other in the eyes when talking, don't talk about heavy topics, reminisce about great memories you had together and talk about making even more fabulous plans for the future.


It's great to plan a romantic day but don't over plan it so it becomes stressful and overbooked so you have to run from one place to another. 

For example, last year my boyfriend had practice during the day on Valentine's Day so I cooked my boyfriend's favorite food for dinner and decorated the bed with rose petals and red heart balloons and each ballon had a polaroid photo of us tied to it. On top, I played romantic music, set dimmed lights and prepared sexy red lingerie. 


As a gift for my boyfriend last year I made a red velvet cake for him as he is not to big of a fan of sweets and I made a DIY large glass jar with colorful notes and 125 reasons why I love him written on the notes. I tied a red silk ribbon around a jar and set it in the middle of the rose petals covered bed as a gift.

See full tutorial   HERE.


Clothing is emotional and believe it or not men do remember what you wore on important occasions. The other day my boyfriend mentioned and in detail described an outfit I wore on one of the days which were special in our relationship.

It's great idea to wear the dress/outfit you wore first time you guys met (if you still have it), or maybe a dress you wore when he proposed etc. If not, you can always choose a sexy little black or red dress and accessorize it with stilettos and red lipstick. 

I personally love to combine red with pink so I think my Valentine's day outfit will be in this color combo.

I hope I gave you some useful advice or helped you brainstorm 
on how to spend fabulous Valentine's Day!


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