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A Goal Without a Plan Is Just a Wish.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

As cliche or as ordinary as it might be to set new goals for yourself at the beginning of the new calendar year I say any day is a good day to start making plan's to improve your life and grow as a person so why not do it on or a bit before January 1st of new 2016? 

New year indeed does mark a fresh new start which is somewhat a motivation on it's own, it just feels like a fresh, new,clean page to start writing on. What is your stand on making new years resolutions and plans? Are you more of a skeptic, a dreamer or a doer? 

There is nothing wrong with being either of the three if you are really, truly happy and there is nothing you would like to change about your life. If you feel like there are things you would like to work on and change read on to see how you can progress from being a skeptic or a dreamer to becoming a doer. 



Let's be honest, there are always skeptics, people who spend last days of old year sharing facebook posts and mimes on how ridiculous it is to set new years goals and resolutions and who make fun of those people who attempt to make a change in their life for the better. The skeptics are most often those who get little done and are left with excuses at the end. Those who continue to live their daily routine with which they are not happy with but don't have strenght and will power to change it so they spend their time on bashing and making fun of those who do. Not really productive right? :)


Dreamers or how I like to call them artists or procrastinators (this was me when I was younger) have big and beautiful, colorful, usually really creative and innovative dreams which they keep in their heads but never really put on the paper, sometimes because they are doubting themselves a little bit and sometimes they say they will just 'do it tomorrow' so time goes by and new year comes and they just kind of remain as wishes but never turn into actual plans.


Doers are those people who put their wishes and dreams on the paper no matter how crazy they might be, rework them into actionable plan and get to work TODAY with no excuses. These are people who get stuff done. They might narrow down their goals to most 'safe' ones and sometimes cut themselves short on creativity maybe but they get stuff done and improve step by step every year.


Some of the tips which might ensure that your wishes are turned into goals which are then set and organized into an actionable plan with higher success rate are bellow. These have worked for me through the years like a charm and I keep trying to make them more focused and keep learning something new about myself every year when I review how I did in previous year.

1. Take an hour of quite alone time this weekend to brainstorm and self-reflect. Turn your mobile and your laptop off.  Close the door. Sit in silence. Breathe. Relax. Think.

2. Write all of your wishes & dreams on a big piece of paper no matter how many there are or how ridiculous they might seem to achieve today. Do it slowly, keep writing. What are all the roles you have in life? What are your family, work, fitness, health or self improvement goals?

*****Ok, so far, easy peasy, I promise you this will work!****

3. Group your goals into up to 5 categories (family goals, relationship goals, self improvement etc.) and erase those which are repetitive. Read one more time through all goals and see if there are some which are really not that important for you if there are such, just erase them.

4. Consider (and be honest with yourself) which of these goals are realistically achievable in 366 days? Separate those goals which are long term goals (more then 1 year needed to achieve them) and those achievable in one year. 

5. Check if your short term goals (those achievable within a year) are feeding into and contributing to achieving your long term goals. If they are not, maybe you want to re-consider the long term goals.

6. Try to have up to  5 goals set for this year. Rewrite each and start with a verb and then add an action to it or "How I will achieve it" (example. Loose weight - exercise 3x /week,  Save money - set direct deposit to savings account from paycheck). 

7. How are you going to measure your goal achievement progress at the end of each month? Write a measure next to each goal (example. Loose weight - exercise 3x/week - loose 1.5 kg/month, Save money - set direct deposit to savings account from paycheck - 100 Euro).

8. Set a start date and schedule a time in your planner to review your progress weekly or monthly.(example. Loose weight - exercise 3x/week - loose 1.5 kg/month - start January 1st - Monday - Wednesday - Friday, Save money - set direct deposit to savings account from paycheck - 100 Euro - review the amount saved last Sunday of each month).

Lastly, don't be to hard on yourself if you fail here and there, just get right back on it. We can all have a bad day! Award yourself, encourage yourself! Positive self talk is very important. 

If you are using a notebook planner or an agenda consider  LaKatWalk limited edition 2016. planner  which is made exclusively for women, fits perfectly into any purse (even those small ones) and contains special categories and accessory (small mirror inside of front cover to check make up) which women need to organize their daily life. The price is 14.99 Euro and you can buy it   HERE.

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Year 2016 has 366 days so you have one extra day to make your dreams and wishes come true! :)

What are some of your goals for 2016?
Share them bellow in comments!


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