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The Best Pregnancy Tips By Trimester.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Before I share the best pregnancy tips I got from my doctor and my girlfriends I want to share some background on what is and what it was my approach and my feelings towards pregnancy from conception planning until today when I am in my third trimester or 8th month (or more precisely 32 weeks and 3 days).

I started drinking folic acid and prenatal vitamins 3 months before we tried to conceive and I keep drinking them throughout the pregnancy. I read a lot about the pregnancy before hand just to see what to expect and I now I feel like media overwhelmingly glamorizes it. 

So far, I concluded the following to be most likely true: 'every pregnancy is different' and 'every women reacts differently to pregnancy'. The way you react to pregnancy will depend on how mature you are, what are your expectations and what kind of support you have from your loved ones.

I didn't 'enjoy' most of my pregnancy but I tried to adapt to it, stay positive, not let it take over my life, act and do all things normally and take it as something I need to go through to have my fabulous baby. 


My boyfriend and I talked about having kids, going through pregnancy together, discussed our general views and expectations about parenting, politics, religion, dad role, mum role, family finances, raising our kids in multinational/multilingual environment moving our family around from country to country and settling at the end of his career in one country (he is a professional athlete) etc. long before we tried for a baby. 


I think having these conversations is super important, because these topics might not be something that will come up during morning coffee or dinner with friends but are topics which might create a lot of issues and disappointments later on if expectations are not met. However, with the excitement, stress, lack of sleep, pains and fears you experience in first months of your first baby's life you might not find an appropriate time, enough poise and patience to discuss these topics alongside of a crying baby and sleep deprived partner.

Of course, there is no perfect life, perfect relationship and a perfect family but it is also not comfortable to realize that you and your partner have complete opposite views and expectations from parenting once you already get pregnant and deliver a baby. Compromises are definitely possible and very needed in any relationship (with or without a baby) but you cannot change a person in their 20's or 30's anymore.


My first trimester was the hardest, I had morning (better say evening) sickness up to week 12, mostly during late afternoon up until 2am at night, so it was hard to fall asleep. Although I am a big coffee drinker I couldn't even smell coffee, it was harder for me to concentrate on work and I didn't feel like dressing nicely and wearing make up. 

Morning Sickness Remedies.

1. Light exercise. Walking on a thread mill (with incline for 30min) and light weights training for legs and arms which I did 3-4x/week when I didn't feel to nauseous. 

2. Sea-band. I also got sea-band bracelets which helped me to fall asleep and go through the day while feeling nauseous.

3. Proper nutrition. I really made sure I ear lots of fruits and veggies (steamed) and I didn't feel like eating meat but I forced myself to have some well done grilled chicken 2-3x/week. 

I mostly avoided sweets or any food which will not help baby grow and develop and occasionally made Coffee Rice Pudding which helped me feel less nauseous. 

Also, I always kept sugar free (probiotic) yogurt and multigrain croissant in the kitchen in case I can't fall asleep or eat anything else during the day from nausea, I had some and it really helped.

4. Pregnancy + App. I started using mobile app Pregnancy+ from the first day of pregnancy, it helped me with many useful daily tips, kept me focused on the goal (the baby) and counting down the days until first trimester is over. I kept using it. It's free to download and then after certain week it prompts you to pay $3.99 to continue to use it, do it, it's worth of it.

5. Cosmetics. Start using cream to prepare your nipples for breast-feeding and against stretch-marks! I used Trofolastin Elasticity brand and/or Croatian eco-brand Biobaza for both. My doctor compliments me on the soft belly skin on every check up LOL! :)


My second trimester was the easiest physically and emotionally, I had lots more energy and my stomach started growing. We already found out the gender of the baby and got results from NIPT test so we could relax knowing the baby has no fetal chromosomal abnormalities. We agreed on the name - Anabela. :) and started painting and decorating her room.

In second trimester I started feeling baby moving (flutters: feels like you have a fish swimming through your stomach and then gentle kicks around 5 month). My doctor recommended to take more vitamins in this trimester so on top of folic acid and prenatal vitamins in the morning I started taking iron supplement after lunch and calcium with dinner.

I started walking more fast pace and stretching (3x/day with my dog) vs. going to the gym. 

The challenge of second trimester is finding a comfortable but chic clothing to wear. There is no point in crying over 'normal' clothes you can't wear anymore so I washed, folded and stored them all away. I investigated and ordered some very chic pregnancy basics (which I could wear again if I ever have another baby) and built a fairly fabulous maternity closet. 

Read more in bellow two posts:
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Both my boyfriend and I started reading about pregnancy and I got some great books to recommend! Even though I  babysat for years kids of all ages I learned some really great things from these books which helped me feel more prepared.

For Croatian readers: "Godine Prve Zasto su Vazne" by Milivoj Jovančević and "Mama zna najbolje (i tata)" by Marina Knežević Bariša. My boyfriend read: "Knjiga za Tate: Za Tatu koji je najbolji u svemiru" by Michael Heatley.

For English readers: "Shit no one tells you" by Dawn Dais, "Mayo Clinic Guide to Healthy Pregnancy", "Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby's First Year".


Third trimester is similar to second but with a larger belly and more kicking! :) Here again you are anxiously looking at the count down on your Pregnancy + app and can't wait to meet the baby!

From the week 32 you will start having ultrasound checkups every 2 weeks.

If you are finished with setting up your nursery, you got all the baby essentials: car seat, stroller, crib and basic clothing and cosmetics now it's the time for final touches on decorating. We added some of our favorite Disney character illustrations to the wall and got some toys and decorative blankets for the room.

Now is the time to prepare a hospital bag for your baby and for yourself. I posted the video on all things I packed in PacaPod fabulous pregnancy bag HERE and will soon post a video with all the things I packed in a hospital bag for myself.

My boyfriend and I decided to store baby's cord blood and tissue and since we live in Europe we went with UK company Future Health BioBank which has a contract with private hospital we are having our baby in. We got a kit to take to hospital with us within a day from signing contract. With one payment of about 1900 Euro you are covered for 30 years of storage.


Try to enjoy your pregnancy and embrace good and bad things it brings. 
You will not be always smiley, happy pregnant women but try to take pregnancy as a different new experience in your life without to much drama. 

Try not to buy into all of the stereotypes about pregnancy and try not to push it to much on your partner and your friends, be respectful of their needs and their lives even when your pregnancy is at the center of your interest.

I hope some of these tips will help you navigate through your pregnancy easier! 
Please do share additional tips which can help new mum's in comment bellow.


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