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What to pack in a hospital bag for a baby? {video}

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Few months before you are due your doctor will give you a list of what to pack in a hospital bag for your baby and yourself. In this video I am sharing what I packed in Paca Pod Hospital Bag Firenze for my baby girl Anabela who is due on March 10th.

Bellow you can see the list I got from my doctor and additional things I packed as well as recommendations where to shop for your future baby online according to my experience:


You want to have all of the clothes washed in special detergent for baby clothes (no need to iron all anymore) and for your and your partners convenience packed separately for each day. Your list of items for the hospital might differ depending on country where you are giving birth and the hospital/clinic quality. For example I am giving birth in private hospital where diapers, creams and stuff like that are provided by hospital both for mother and the baby.

The type of clothing and blankets you bring for the baby will also depend on the time of the year and climate you are giving birth in. You want to keep your baby warm but you don't want to overheat your baby.

I am giving birth in Spain in Spring so this is what my doctor recommended to bring:

2x muslins or swaddle blanket 
5x Cotton kimono tops
5x Full outfits (top & bottom or bodies, socks & cotton cap)
3 cotton bath towels
1x Hair brush & hair comb
1x Cotton or wool blanket 
2x bib (optional)
2x cotton gloves (optional)
10x diapers for newborns (optional)
baby lotion and body wash (optional)
2x pacifier (optional)


Since I am super picky about my bags I was dreading all of those horrible looking diaper bags! Finally my good friend recommended Paca Pod brand where they have a beautiful selection of smartly designed, versatile and beautifully looking bags. I choose Firenze leather bag which I am sure I will wear for many years as it can serve as a baby diaper bag but also as a carry on for me later on.

I really hope this video & post helped you plan what you might need for your baby's hospital bag. Do let me know if you have more suggestions! I would love to read your comments!
I will put together a seperate post with what I packed in my own hospital bag. :)


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