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Chicest Holiday Gift Guide for HIM.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

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I am sure all of you ladies agree that shopping for men is much harder then shopping for your girlfriends or your family members.

Most men unlike women don't have a never ending 'want' list out of which they pick something and then try to 'hint' their other half what they want just on time for holidays or birthdays, they just go and get what they need so you really need to pick their brain or think long and hard to get them something they will like. Most men prefer more practical, useful or funny gifts versus us ladies who just 'have to have item of our desi(gn)re'.

Last couple of years I managed to find more great gifts for my boyfriend browsing online shops then by going around the stores in shopping malls. Rather then getting one bigger gift I try to put together a variety gift box with some small stocking stuffers like: socks, boxers, travel games, t-shirt with funny sign or coffee mug and then one or two bigger items I am 100% sure my boyfriend will love. If there is a chance I try to customize at least one of the gifts with his initials, jersey number or a name.


If you just started dating someone you probably don't know him/her that well so you might not know much about what he likes. In these kind of cases you probably want to go for a more generic but still nice gift or try to remember a few things you do know about him and use that as a starting point. Based on the 'type of guy' you perceive him to be you might look at 'shop by type' section to get some ideas. 

When I say generic gifts I am thinking accessory items like a beautiful set of scarf, gloves and a cap, a tabletop book on the subject he likes such as sports team, a writer or a singer,  cosmetic bag or a warm cashmere sweater (if you know his size).


Some of the things you can easily customize are clothing accessory like: toiletry bag (I had a small metal plate engraved with name and glued to designer leather toiletry bag for my boyfriend last year at the bottom floor of department store where they make keys) items like: button up shirt, a tie, sweater, a bath rope,  scarf, necklace pendant, bracelet or cufflinks can be easily customized with initials (some websites offer custom shops) at any tailor shop.

Some of my favorite custom shops are: J.Crew monogram shop, Knot Standard, The Monogram Shops, Etsy gifts for Him, and Mark & Graham.


A Business Man.

Business people travel a lot so you can get him a toiletry bag and fill it up with travel size cosmetics he usually uses. Great gift for travelers is also a luxurious travel pillow and leather passport cover or business card holder. A nice customized gift for a business man can be a framed office photo of you two or (if he is more high tech) USB photo frame with your photo slide show. 

Sporty Guy.

A sporty guy might like a yearly tickets to watch his favorite team or a biography or a signed jersey of his favorite player. Most men are also into technology so if your boyfriend is a runner or an athlete you can get him one of those running fuel bands or order customized pair of new Nike shoes for him.

A Student.

If you are both students you might be on a budget and look to buy or make each other one great gift. A great gift for a student is always a Starbucks gift card, a warm holiday accessory set or a variety box with useful or just a fun things for a dorm room.

A Tall Guy. 

Boy do I have experience shopping for a Tall but not Big guy, which is a huge difference (all of you who date basketball players would know this). For my tall boyfriend who does have a great sense of fashion but doesn't have to many hobbies I usually get at least one new clothing item (no matter the price) cause I know how hard it is for him to find it. Also, I look to get something fun, useful and/or funny like a board game (which we can play together and he can take it to play with his teammates while traveling). I always also add some accessories which I then customize for him for a bit of a personal touch. 

Some of my favorite Tall Guy shops are: Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap, Debenhams, J.CrewHigh & Mighty , Tall Boys Apparel , Boden , Asos Longline , Hanes Tall and Odd Ball.


If you are good at making things and your boyfriend or husband has all he needs you might want to make him a very personal gift he will always treasure and it will always make him think of you and effort you put into making something so personal for him. Great ideas for handmade gifts might be a personalized travel kit for the car, a personalized mug (you can just buy a permanent markers and blank white coffee mug in a China store and write a special note on it) or a bookmark with a photo of you two together, your pet or your child.

Did you already buy, make or order a gift for your boyfriend? 
Do you have any ideas to share? :)


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