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Trend Alert: A Soft Touch of Velvet.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

George Constanza from Seinfeld once said "I would wrap myself in velvet if it was socially acceptable." I kind of feel the same way about velvet. I love how velvet feels against my skin and really enjoy wearing it in numerous shapes and weights ranging from vintage inspired lingerie to structured suit jackets, romantic midi dresses and 70's inspired jumpsuits.  

Last year I got a custom made pink A-line dress made out of heavy velvet from a designer friend Alex Dojcinovic and this year we can see velvet being fashionista's favorite go to material for both day and after during dark hours.In her last Fall collection she did another version of the same dress but a bit lighter in weight (on the photo bellow). In her last Lei Lou by Alex Dojcinovic runway show Aleksandra showed variety of gorgeous midi dresses appropriate equally for work and evening cocktails or wherever else lady chooses to wear them. 


I myself particularly love to wear it in royal green color and burgundy red but recently more popular are gold and gray tones. My favorite way to wrap myself in velvet is most definitely a dress as number one choice but since recently I also got my eye on velvet 70's inspired lace up top jumpsuits and tops (loose fitting of course due to my pregnancy).

Velvet pieces are not only to be worn as evening wear, lately mass market brands have been launching velvet camisole tops and t-shirts which you can wear as part of casual look during the work day.


Big designer name brands like YSL, Ralph Lauren, Charlotte Olympia, D&G and many others always find a way to incorporate this luxurious fabric into their collections both when it comes to clothing and accessories. I love burgundy red backpack for this Fall.

When it comes to velvet accessories you should take a special care of them as this fabric is much more delicate then leather. Although velvet shoes may look very cool as they age, purses you should be careful not to wear them tightly close to your body as the fabric might shed. 


When it comes to velvet pieces my shops of choice are always Free People, Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters and Reformation. 

URBAN OUTFITTERS - Velvet Cami, Great Pretender Velvet Dress, Velvet Overall and my favorite Ecote Velvet Lace Up Dress.

FREE PEOPLE -   Vienna Mini Dress,   Velvet Brim Hat,   Red Velvet Jacket and a closet staple    Velvet Maxi Slip.


Whenever in doubt on how to care about a velvet clothing piece or accessory always take it to professional dry-cleaners.  Use a steamer to remove mild creases. Turn the garment inside out and point the nozzle of a steamer at the creases and folds. You may also hang the item in a steam-filled bathroom.

Do you have a velvet piece in your closet and if so what is it and how do you wear it?

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