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LaKatWalk Women's Planner 2016.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

 Finally I can introduce a new edition of   LaKatWalk Women's Planner for 2016.! The limited edition LaKatWalk Women's Planner for 2016. is illustrated by beautiful, very kind and amazingly talented american illustrator Jessica Marie behind the website   Simply Jessica Marie and envisioned and designed by me and the design team behind Women's Planner. 

This year I decided to again go with illustration cover as  the last one was a great success. This year   LaKatWalk Women's Planner cover is featuring Parisian chic, fresh spring style outfit featuring my favorite colors and yellow A-line skirt shape, strolling down stone covered street in old town with my dog Papi.


The Women's Planner is a weekly organizer adjusted to the needs of the modern woman; its unique contents make it easier for you to organize your business and private life.

Beside a weekly calendar scheduler, it contains many interesting sections that make it more personal and special than conventional planners. Some of its sections such as PMS calendar, breast self-examination reminder and instructions, medical appointments calendar, seasonal shopping list, vacation checklist, information about your pet and your car, list of titles of books or movies you wish to read/see and the list of decisions and priorities for the new year make this planner a sort of a personal diary that you will always wish to carry with you.

The contents of the planner are divided into personal details, personal interests, reminders, year planner and pages devoted to personal development, as well as notes on the monthly budget. 

It stands apart also for the little, round, discreet mirror on the inside of the front cover, an elastic closing band and two ribbon bookmarks.

The Women's Planner is made entirely in Croatia. It is a protected brand registered with the Croatian patent office. The Women's Planner is not just another planner; it is a planner with a heart that will charm you completely and that you will fall in love with at first sight! :)


Another unique feature of this planner is its design: it changes every year keeping up with most recent graphic design trends. Every year its cover comes in several varieties, for all types of women, from playful to fashionable, cheerful to somewhat serious and classic.

The main characteristics of the Women's planner are:

Size: 110 x 170 mm | 4.3 inch x 6.6 inch
Hard cover
Number of pages: 192
A round mirror on the inside of the front cover
2 ribbon bookmarks
An elastic closing band
An elastic band for pen

When designing the Women's planner, the design team does not have in mind only its beauty but also its functionality, trying to obtain maximum space for writing within the limits of its dimensions.


The theme of Women's Planner for 2016. is "Love Yourself" which I think it's hugely important as most of us women tend to forget to do it on a daily basics. 

So this year's planner also contains coloring motivational board which works therapeutically and it's proven that coloring helps to calm and relax us especially during stressful hours of a workday. 

As every other year, the calendar has motivational quotes added but also small icon reminders to do drink water, exercise and do other things to care about our health, the same icons are available as round sticker reminders which are placed on the separate sheet and you will find them in the pocket on the inside of the back cover of the planner.

There are few exciting novelties in LaKatWalk Women's Planner for 2016. one which you asked for the most is that 2016. edition is in English language so more people will be able to understand and use it then last year when it was in Croatian language. 

The new edition of LaKatWalk Women's planner also contains free mobile app for Android and iOS featuring guided relaxation exercises. 

You can purchase your copy of limited edition of  LaKataWalk Women's planner exclusively on  LaKatWalk blog shop for 14.99 Euro. It also makes a fabulous Christmas gift for special ladies in your life! :)


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