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Glama Mama - The Chicest Maternity Holiday Dresses.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Source: Dresses from Asos Maternity

Today I am having one of those sucky pregnancy days with now being in 26th week (in 7th month) I woke up all cheerful and then felt really sickish after breakfast which continued with plates falling from my hands and breaking, my back hurting, baby kicking, nipples itching ohhh so glamorous isn't it? :) 

Anyways, an hour later with ice packs on my boobs, drinking chocolate tea and eating white chocolate with nuts (please don't judge) I decided to online-shop for maternity holiday dress and even though usually a choice of maternity clothing is not so good in stores and a bit better online I managed to find some fantastic dresses which will hopefully make me feel less like a fat, swollen and grumpy pregnant women and more like chic, glittery and fabulous lady with a decent size baby bump. Girl can at least hope so!

When it comes to maternity evening dresses the same 'rules' apply as when you are wearing evening dress when not pregnant. You want to show your one best feature and then cover other things. For example in pregnancy your boobs will literary bloom which is particularly exciting for girls who usually are not to boobilicious so go ahead and show them off with beautiful maxi or cocktail dress with decent cleavage, however, in this case cover your legs a bit more.


If you got some more weight in your legs and stomach then you hoped for or you are like me tall in third trimester of pregnancy you might decide to go with long, flowy and romantic gown which is not to fitted so you will be able to wear your fabulous pregnancy underwear without showing panty lines. great thing about wearing a maxi gown (especially if you are tall yourself) is that you can get away without heels and thus be more comfortable during the whole evening.


In case you are in first and second trimester and your belly is not to big, you feel comfortable showing your not yet swollen ankles in those pretty holiday heels you might want to go with a beautiful sequin cocktail dress. I found a great choice on  Asos Maternity and  Glama Mama. There is a great selection of loose fitting but also stretchy but fitted mini dresses which are really festive but also comfortable enough for you to spend whole evening in.


Classic cotton , silk, cashmere or wool little black dress is a great investment piece in any case, you might choose to purchase a better quality branded evening dress which you can then also wear for less festive occasions during the year as well. These dresses are a great choice if you recently gave birth and you really want to be comfortable in stretchy dress while your body is recovering. Another great thing is that you can play around more with accessory and glamorize a simple one color dress with gorgeous necklace, shinny clutch and heels. 

Shop fabulous maternity holiday dresses here:

Did you already get your maternity holiday dress?
Which one of these do you think I choose at the end? ;)


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