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The Best Maternity Clothing Stores.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

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First three months (12 weeks) of my pregnancy were really bad as I felt very nauseous, couldn't focus on work and I generally felt rather sick. On top of it all, it was a very hot Summer and I was staying in Dubrovnik in between visiting my boyfriends parents and moving into a new apartment which was suppose to be ready to move in end June but it wasn't until more then a month later so it was quite of a nervous Summer all together on top of my nauseous start of pregnancy. The first three months my stomach didn't grow much so I didn't have to worry about getting pregnancy clothes.


First change I noticed on my body was growing boobs. They were just getting bigger and bigger which was quite visible if you are starting from C cup. My bra's started to bother me so I was mostly wearing my cotton Victorias Secret Pink lounge bralets. 

When I announced my pregnancy to my closest girlfriends they advised me to try maternity bra's which are not very attractive looking to say the least, I still purchased a few in Muller & H&M, I wore them a bit but they just weren't comfortable enough. 

Now when I am almost 5 months pregnant the lounge bralets I used to wear don't provide enough support either.  As I am used to wearing bra's with some padding and wiring these breastfeeding maternity bra's didn't do it for me both when it comes to comfort and aesthetics so I just went ahead and asked a lady in lingerie store to measure my current breast size and I purchased a few pretty lacy bra's with proper support for my current size and I also got one size up for next few months. 

Of course, this is a more expensive way to go about it but when you anyways feel bloated and your body is changing daily in the ways you never imagined, sexy lingerie makes you feel a little bit better about your 'glowing & growing body'.

Shop sexy selection of maternity bras here:


The first two items of maternity clothing I got were under slight duress by a girlfriend of mine in Croatia and motivated by my boyfriend who noticed that might high rise skinny jeans have started leaving a light pink red line on my stomach. I was having a lunch with a friend in Zagreb and I told her how although I love, follow and work in fashion I never noticed maternity clothes in stores. 
So we walked into Zara (back in September) and I asked if they have maternity clothes and the sales lady gave me the weirdest look and said "Nouu!" (little did she know they will launch maternity line a month later). 

So we went to H&M and they didn't have a big selection but they had some basics so a friend of mine and very nice sales lady persuaded me to try my first maternity jeans which to me looked horrendous but they actually grew on me now and they are indeed very comfortable with soft cotton part hidden under the shirt covering the belly. I immediately purchased a few organic cotton t-shirts as the ones I have were not long enough to cover the growing belly and I don't like belly showing of course, to me it looks very trashy.


When I got back to Barcelona mid September and I reviewed my Fall and Winter clothing I realized that majority of dresses, skirts and pants I have will not be to comfortable to wear during pregnancy so I decided to strategically research and shop online in the way that I don't spend to much on maternity clothing but still to have enough comfortable and chic essential pieces to stay warm and look stylish for the remaining 4 months of pregnancy and next couple of months of post pregnancy body recovery.


The next thing I purchased was an adorable 'The Bump Kit Paris' from Seraphine Maternity clothing store. The first impression I got of this store is that is classic, trendy but not to trendy, all the clothing looks comfortable and I loved that they have this Bump Kit with classic clothing essentials where you can choose your combination based on the fashion city and style you like the most. I got my order very quickly along with their branded cotton shopping bag.  Here is the video to show more ways to wear the Bump Kit:

I love everything in this kit, all of the items are made out of thick high quality cotton and they don't wrinkle so you don't have to iron them at all! I love that the tights I got are very soft and stretchy and seamless over the belly I wear them almost every day. I ordered size L although before pregnancy I wore S/M tops and M bottoms. 

Tights and skirt a still a bit to big on me while dress and a shirt fit just perfectly so if you decide to order and haven't gained to much weight (I got 2.5 kg so far) go with your usual size as all of the items in the kit are stretchy and fit true to size.


I ordered two pairs of sleeveless tops, 2 pair of tights and one dress from Asos Maternity shop.
All items were fair quality but the tights had a rubber band on top of the belly part which bothered me so I wear them in a way that I fold them under the belly.

A very chic, young mum friend of mine also recommended these stores as well: 

Mamalicious - offers adorable chic dresses and you can also purchase full outfits, I selected some of my favorite pieces bellow. Prices are fair just like other mid tier brands for regular size clothing but all items are adjusted for your growing bump. There are also some really adorable pieces for babies & kids.


Emoi Emoi has great selection of winter coats for mum's to be as well as jeans. The prices are very fair with jeans priced between 39 and 69 Euro. This french brand also has most adorable family sweatshirts for mum, dad and babies. :)


Definitely most expensive but also most luxurious, stylish and most carefully curated store for mum's to be is Hatch. As a big cashmere fan and fabrication snob I would definitely recommend Hatch cashmere and knits selection and their 'Bags & Boxes' where you can get very high quality cotton items like hospital bag necessities for a good price.


When it comes to Ingrid Isabel I love their Active Wear shop with tights which provide great support for the back and coverage for the belly. Prices are mid to high and selection is rich especially when it comes to essentials, I just ordered seamless tops which I can wear during and after pregnancy with or without a bra which were reduced to only 15 Euro. 


Gilt has a great multi-brand selection of discounted maternity clothing. I would definitely recommend it for evening wear. Bellow is my selection of three fab dresses.

What is your favorite maternity store ladies?
Do you have any tips on how to style maternity looks from your experience?


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