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Fashion Trends Coming Up in 2016.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Loewe Spring 2016.

Lately, all the focus in fashion has been on the Fall looks that are making their way to storefront windows and online catalogues. The time has come to purchase items for cold weather wardrobes, so this is only natural. But this is also often the time of year at which we get our first hints of some of the looks that will dominate fashion in the next year to come. Whether through runway shows, trends with the potential to stick around, or even concepts from abroad, each Fall comes with hints of the following Spring.

It's still a little bit early to be entirely certain when projecting spring or summer trends for 2016, but these are some of the looks that seem likely to start surfacing.

The Fabric To Favour - LACE

Previewing a prevalence of lace in the spring and summer of 2016 isn't so much of a stretch given that the fabric typically known for warm weather and/or intimate attire has actually been making the rounds in Fall and Winter styles. Flowing white blouses are everywhere in the current season, and lace is inevitably involved. But it's not just the current state that's making us look toward lace for 2016. Early spring runways are   "upping the ante on see-through lace," according to Harper's Bazaar, with numerous designers showcasing stunning lace dresses made for the warm weather.

Trousers Of Choice - LOW-RISE

Unlike lace, which represents some expected continuity between Fall and Spring, this idea is all about reversal. Lately, the popular look in trousers has been high-waisted styles reminiscent of '70s attire (with the '70s in general being huge for fashion for the fall and winter of 2015). But if early exhibitions are to be trusted, things are going the other way as soon as the weather warms up in 2016, with a more relaxed, '90s-inspired look.

The Hottest Colour - RED

Based in Australia (where the Spring and Summer stretch is now approaching), Lyst cites red as "the color of the season." And while the site's highlighting of numerous flashy red items is in part directed toward an international audience adopting shades of red for the Winter, the focus on red in the southern hemisphere may just be an indication that its popularity will extend right into 2016. This would be a bold transition from the more traditional pastels and lighter shades we often see come spring time, and frankly it feels due.

The Jewelry You'll Love - YELLOW GOLD

That doesn't really sound like a surprise, right? After all, if there's any single thing in all of fashion that's never out of style, it's probably gold. But given the past year's focus on rose gold, and this Fall and Winter's welcoming of more casual jewelry pieces, yellow gold is actually in position for a comeback in a big way. Women's Wear Daily has said that "gold goes bold" in 2016, noting sculptural cuffs, bib necklaces and other big, bold pieces we're going to see in gold come next spring.
There's much more to come in the weeks and months ahead as more and more early spring RTW collections are revealed. 

But based on what we know now, these are at least a few trends that appear to be safe bets for emergence and/or ongoing relevance in 2016.

Which one of the listed is your favorite?


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