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Life Changing Summer.

Friday, September 18, 2015

All Photos: Armina Bavcic | Dress: Spell Design | Crown: Kreativni Nered
It's funny how no matter how good of a planner you think you are a life sometimes jumps at you with more things at once.

 This Summer was a life changing for me while at the same time very different then any other, busy and dynamic both professionally and more so on private level. My priorities definitely changed, but more details about the change in one of my next posts ;)

My boyfriend and I decided to settle in Barcelona where we purchased our first home together and plan to stay here for next three years and possibly also live here after his basketball career ends.  We also decided to furnish our own Summer home in Dubrovnik, an apartment which my boyfriend had for some time now and which was just sitting unfurnished for years. This was the dynamic part of Summer where I spent most of the time chasing the workers who were pre-paid to work on the apartment to actually come and work. Needless to say, Dubrovnik apartment is still not done and they promised to have it done by end of (last) June.
I used the opportunity of spending the Summer in Dubrovnik to collaborate with some Croatian designers and crafters. One of them called  Kreativni Nered  (in translation Creative Mess) made me a gorgeous needle stitched white crown featured in this post alongside of my favorite Summer boho vintage lace dress from Spell Design.

The City of Dubrovnik and surrounding area is absolutely gorgeous so it wasn't hard to find a great shooting location. My friend Armina suggested Arboretum Trsteno, gorgeous small botanical garden where Game of Thrones was filmed close to the beach with breathtaking views and untouched nature. Arboretum Trsteno is known by it's natural beauty and the 500-year old giant natural monuments - Asian plane-trees. 

One can easily get there in some 20 minutes by one of the regular buses connecting Dubrovnik with the Dubrovnik coast land. Trsteno boasts the15th century renaissance summer residence of Gučetić-Gozze family, with its garden which has been cultivated from the 15th century until today. The garden encompassing the summer residence, aqueduct, mill, the fountain with Neptune and nymphs and the belvedere pavilion overlooking the sea and islands is the finest example of Dubrovnik summer residence garden architecture.

How was your Summer ladies?
Are you well rested and ready for a new back to work season?

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5 fabulous comments

  1. Love your post! Idyllic scenes,beautiful images of beautiful nature ;)

  2. Really great photos dear! By the way I love your recipes, tried a few and loved them! Keep posting!

    XoXo, Lola

  3. I really love the location and the crown. Great post!
    Keep posting your own style photos please.

    p.s. Check out my blog when you have a minute. :)

  4. Super fotke! Mozes li pisati o tome na koje sve nacine ukomponirati sesir u garderobu?
    Dobila sam jedan na poklon od prijateljice ali ne znam na sto ga nositi. Hvala!

    1. Hvala Marina! Budem probati cu sloziti takav post :) Pisala jesam o tome kako stilizirati sesire ali nisam objavila uz isti post svoje slike. Hvala na ideji!


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