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3 Great Fall Styles to Invest In

Sunday, August 30, 2015

As you might have noticed if you are buying and reading fashion magazine, visiting fashion sites or have noticed the fast fashion store commercials and billboards, 70s are THE theme this Fall.  

Brown suede is one of the signature fabrics of 70s style, I especially like vintage cuts brown suede trench coats and jackets. I got a gorgeous vintage double breasted jacket in Lovely 31 vintage shop in Astoria, Queens in New York, near where I used to live few years back similar to the one bellow on the right and I still love to wear it, especially with navy stripe sailor shirts and black pants for work or jeans for more casual look.

Burberry | Gucci

This Summer I already prepared for Fall and purchased a gorgeous dark green wool hat hand crafted by   MIYUU Barcelona amazing quality for a great price, plus, you can customize it together with the designer as per your wishes. 

If you are not a hat collector like me and are just thinking about buying your first hat, this is a great year to incorporate it with seasonal trends easily, read my older post on   how to style hats and how to choose them based on your face shape and hairstyle.

Heels are great but if you are a pedestrian and take public transportation to work or do not like to wear high heels these lace up ballet flats are gorgeous trendy shoe you will love to wear this Fall!

My favorite styles are pictured bellow but I also made a selection of different price options to shop for each of the three Fall styles I recommend to invest in.

Asos | Aquazzura | Office

What is the 70s trend which you plant to incorporate into your look this Fall? :)


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3 fabulous comments

  1. Thanks for this inspiration post. I got a pair of similar black tie up flats from Mango the other day.
    They are also quite comfortable.


  2. DAMN! I am looking for a fringe suede jacket similar to the one on the seond photo to the left. Do you know where I could get it?


  3. The Gucci coat and Burberry boots are just amazing. Mango is also designing some brown-beige jackets that look perfect in fall.



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