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080 Barcelona Fashion Best Women's Shows.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Photo source: 080 Barcelona Fashion

This summary post of 080 Barcelona Fashion event (local fashion week in Barcelona) was long overdue as I was covering the introductory post to larger fashion weeks - NYC, London, Milan and Paris however this event features some extremely talented designers and some very well established, high quality brands with rich heritage who's collections are both artsy but wearable and what's most important of a high classic quality which lasts for more then one fashion season.

I really love how local Spanish fashion shoppers love and support their local design brands when it comes to following them through different media touch-points and what matters most, buying their clothing for generations. 

In this post I am covering some of the Spanish brands who's shows I found most interesting and which are highly wearable and affordable for mid class shopper. I will cover some other brands left out in this post in more details in upcoming posts.

Spanish brand founded in 1964. started as producer of woven sweaters for the whole family. During the last 50 years, they focused on creating a total feminine look. I adore the softness and easiness of their pieces, as a huge hat person I went crazy for their hats for upcoming Fall seasons with brown leather braid belts wrapped around. I love the vintage but still urban look the brand managed to form through the years as it showcases their heritage but it's styled to follow modern 21ct. women's lifestyle. 

Every year this brand designs and markets 4 collections: regular Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter lines, an accessory line and two capsules (Resort and special edition).

Fall/Winter 15' collection is named 'Beauty Surrounds' and it features winter floral bloom prints, slouchy pants and high slit skirts and comfy soft sweaters hugging the delicate blouses in layered looks.  I love the earthy color pallet of dark greens, luxurious looking camel browns and patterns on accessory which lifts up the full look.

I had the pleasure to visit Laia Roca (designer behind the WHO brand) at her studio last year when she showed me her families production facility in the small city close to Barcelona. Although Laia founded WHO brand in 2000. her family has a long tradition in Barcelona's textile industry as well as well established clientele. WHO collection's are recognizable by their quality of making, androgynous appeal and beautiful soft fabrics. Fall/Winter 15' collection featured interesting metal jewelry for the show as well.  Laia used innovative fabrics, easy to care for and she added some gentle and feminine blush pink details and dark, wine red color to her usually mainly black color pallet.

Txell Miras started her own brand in 2004. before that she was a winner and a finalist in numerous designer competitions and worked in Neil Barrett designer team. Her current collection was named Angles. It was an exercise practicing purity of form.  A retro-futuristic voyage, a combination of technical and natural materials in black, white, grey, burgundy and cardboard - yes, cardboard! 

Designer Totón Comella launched TCN out of her personal need for swimwear which is both versatile and comfortable. The brand is known by it's shabby chic style. For 2015/16 collection intimates were combined with 'outwear'. Collection features secondary colors like ocher, blues and greens in TCN's best selling fabric - silk. Silk, cashmere and wool are what TCN uses for their soft and beautiful layering looks reminding of effortless looking french school girl (with a great taste in clothing, obviously).  

Sita Murt, designer behind own brand name is interpreting trends of the moment and adapting them to fit her brands style. She designs for the 21ct women who works around the clock at work and at home and needs clothing which can follow her intense lifestyle. Sita Murt collection showed on last Barcelona 080 fashion event flirts with masculine British style and mixes it with soft, fluid fabrics to create sexiness and contrast. Collection features woven tops mixed with jersey or structured trousers or pleated dresses and skirts. 

The brand is a mixture of North American and Mediterranean inspiration, each of the brand designs has a story and each is very unique. Inspiration for the new collection was retirement of the two widows to the Woods of Norway wearing tartan as their uniform. Collection features interesting and modern mixture of yellow tartan patched with custom floral prints in blouses, bomber jackets and high waist shorts as my favorite pieces from the collection. 

The brand named by the designer himself is founded in 2010. and it carries men's and women's RTW collections. Brand produces fully in Spain and it mixes modern and classic influences with special focus on quality of details. On top of his own collection, Pablo Erroz works on collection for other national and international brands. Collection for season Fall/Winter  2015/16. offers unisex clothing solutions for modern women. It's based on warm materials (100% wool),  suede, leather and furs. Dominant colors in collection are navy, brown, gray, white and yellow. The collection mixes historic influences of 20's and style of modern, slick and sophisticated working women.  

Since 2002.Natalie Capell and her Barcelona team design inspired by a new kind of femininity. Since she was 14 designer was interested and working on intricate embroidery and designing pieces to follow female form. Latest collection is titled Terra (Earth) is an ode to a women who is like an African voodoo doll draped in sheer fabric and her strong believes.  Collection features jackets and scarves which follow female form.  

Designer, Columbian was educated in New York and Barcelona and founded his name brand in Spain while at the same time working on collaborations with major brands like Diesel, Levi's, Swarovski etc. The name of the current collection is 'Blue Rose' and it features both men's and women's line. The collection is based on interaction of a modern man and urban architecture. The materials in this collection are cotton, polyamide, wool voile, and unconventional materials like polystyrene board.

Created at the beginning of the 80's by the Dalmau brothers: David & Custo. After brothers traveled the world their launched their brand essentially called Custo Line with particular interest in prints and different techniques to get innovative prints on clothing. Today brand has men's, women's and growing children's line. Every season Custo Barcelona premiers it's main line at New York Fashion week known bu their signature bold print and color look. Custo Barcelona has become a go to brand of Hollywood celebs like Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron. 

Their latest collection brings back the 70's vibe with red glasses and mixing black and white prints, fabrics and layers highlighting new trends like culottes pants and digital print bodies & blouses.  

Designer Nuria Bisbal inherited Aldo Martins fashion brand from her father - Aldo. Latest collection is titled Winter Passion and it's inspired by heritage of alpine sports and folktales. Collection features mixture of colors, jacquard and patterns to form eclectic but modern new spirit of Fall/Winter 2016 season. 

The brand was founded by Angel Vinda, Cesar Olivar and Veronica Raposo. Brain & Beast is showing garments which combine emotion and reason, with a strong influence of contemporary culture, as well as a large dose of sophistication and a sense of humor. 

New collection titled Maniac calls on women to release the inner beast. Day wear clothing pieces have unexpected erotic details like red tie up side on mini skirt or large bell sleeves on white shirt. 

Look for more comprehensive coverage of the rest of the 080 Shows in next posts. 
I was so thrilled to discover such an abundance of fashion design talent despite of the bleeding economy and negativity which comes out of it among young people. Keep being creative Barcelona! 

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