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Resolutions: Why we make them and why we break them?

Sunday, January 04, 2015

It's time to go out with the old and in with the new! New year is a fresh new start for all of us no matter if you are a person making New Years resolutions for yourself or not. 

Writing your resolutions down as actions (with verbs) not just generic wishes, keeping them close and visible all year around (I write down mine on dedicated resolution pages in my personal planner Ženski Rokovnik) and holding yourself accountable through the year to complete them one by one really does work!


I know that many of you think ughh...making new years resolutions is just a commercialized personal laundry list where we all write unrealistic promises to yourself at the beginning of the year which we are bound to break so I won't bother to even think about them and I'll go with a flow... but that really doesn't have to be the case. Just like in business it's good to make a personal TO DO list. I do mine every day for work and personal tasks but I like to have one for the year which refers to the bigger goals which all of the little ones piece into. 

Personally I am a strong believer that it's very important to consciously work on self-improvement and the overall goal of making New Years resolutions is just that - to improve as a person. These are the promises you make to yourself and they are important because completing them will make you feel accomplished and happy with yourself.


Now, why do we break these resolutions, promises/goals we make at the start of each year? It's usually one of the two: either we made a resolution which is kind of general and all do it like 'to loose weight' but it's not really important to us personally and we don't feel very passionate about it, or we didn't set it correctly so we fail to complete it.

For example. "Loosing weight" is a bad way to set a goal/resolution as it doesn't have a concrete action and the timeline. Better goal setting would be to break this big goal into a several smaller goals like:
Nutrition - start as of January 5th: don't eat after six o'clock, eat less bread, don't drink juices and eat sweets, cook at home vs. eating out, drink more water, eat fruits and vegetables. Start with small steps by eatings the healthy stuff first daily in smaller portions to get your body use to change and allow yourself to splurge 2 days in a month when you can whatever you want.
Workout - start as of January 10th: go to gym 2x/week and then increase after a week to 3x and then 4 and 5. Setting up your goal like this is less intimidating and demotivating and you won't give up after one week when you will feel sore and overwhelmed by implementing different diet and workout schedule all at once. 
Extra tip: Find a workout partner so you have additional reinforcement who won't let you quit. Just do it!


It's already fourth of January and I just found the time to sit down, open my leopard print   Ženski Rokovnik to review my last years goals and start writing down 2015. ones. I really love doing this. I sit down in peace without TV or music on, make a cup of tea, take a red pencil and then cross out all of the things I completed and really thinking about why I haven't completed the ones that are left. If I still want to do them I just copy them to a new year if not, I drop them.

Most of my goals in 2014. were related to moving to Barcelona and settling in with learning the language, registering my blog and start-up business in Spain as well as learning some new skills like learning Spanish and taking a photography course.

    I completed all but one of these goals, I didn't manage to complete my photography course as I was looking for English speaking photographer which I finally managed to find and booked my course for end of this month. I am really looking forward to it! :)

When it comes to my thinking process when setting the goals I first write categories that are most important to me in life on a piece of paper: Health, Relationships, Personal Development, Finances and Career. Then I just write all of the goals I think I can achieve within 12 months and write each under the category. 

For example. 
Health: 1. Go to check my boobies and have OB-GYN once a year - make apointment with Dr. Smith in week of 15th January. 2. Go to dentist check up 2x a year in March and September, make appointments with Dr. Jane on January 23rd. 

Finances: save XX Euro/month starting January salary. Call banker to ask automatic witdrawl to saving each month.

I continue to do this exercise for each category and then I pick most important ones in each category and see if I can complete them in a year, then I spread them as evenly as possible through 12 months and start with completing January ones still this month (in Ženski Rokovnik each month has a color square for resolution setting).


Just as it happens in real life, such as in fashion, we keep some good things from the past years and add some new.  In 2015. in fashion you will see pants go high and shoes will go low! 

90's and 70's are back so channel you inner Samantha Jones this year and pull out your DVDs of 'That 70's show" where fashion was fabulous and Ashton Kutcher still single.

For 70's think fringe, flares, florals. Look for romantic boho floral maxi dresses in soft pastel colors. Head to toe denim style is back and not only in classic jeans but also in blazers, dresses and flared skirts. 

If your new years resolution is one of the 'unique ones' like 'start going to gym' you will want to wear one of the sexy new sportswear styles featuring tights and sports bra's,  track suits and sport dresses with netting and cuffs. So when it comes to sportswear trends this year think sporty but also cute and pretty.

Textures and popular fabrics of the 2015. are definitely suede vs. leather, sheer skirts and dresses are still in so keep them from last Summer as they are here to stay.

Buy one investment piece this year such as black designer stilletoes or trench coat vs. spending a lot of money monthly on cheap high street items which will fall apart in few washes.

Try to wear something you haven't before I dare you! Find your accurate size bra and type of dress that fits you like a glove! 

Invest in great quality flat shoe (let's admit it, you will probably wear it much more often then those fab designer heels you are dreaming about, so the price per wear ratio will be worth your investment. 
Add some color to your closet (that is if you already have: black, white and beige basics).

Happy resolution making ladies and remember: Goal without a plan is just a wish! 

What is your New Years resolution? Type it in comments! 

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