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What to wear for New Years Eve?

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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Every year I ridiculously stress over what to wear for New Years Eve and every year once I get to the party I realize how ridiculous it is to stress about what to wear when it's really just one of the parties. Today I spent a whole day working, not stressing about the dress, going to get my nails done or getting a blow out. It's just not such a big deal. The older I get proportionally I stress and dramatize less and I like it like that. 
Don't get me wrong, I want to and I will look good tomorrow. I am not staying home but going to really nice restaurant and a club with my boyfriend and bunch of friends. I will for sure find something to wear in my own closet, something I wore already, know I feel good in and looks good on me, rather then running frantically with other crazy women around stores and ending up buying something in desperation which I will never wear again.

So why am I typing this post? I just wanted to share my experience with having now 30 New Years celebrations behind me ;) and let you know how you can shine and feel fabulous and comfortable tomorrow evening without last minute craziness and panic and without breaking the bank.

Tonight, turn on your favorite music, take a calming shower and try out some festive dresses from your closet. Everything is allowed so don't think of fashion rules as long as you feel comfortable in it!


You can wear for example sparkling sequin tights, pants or pencil skirt with grey t-shirt and pointy stilettos or sharp white button up shirt, a clutch and red lipstick. This way you can mix casual and dressy. This outfit makes a great look if you are going to a casual house party or even if you are celebrating outdoors, just make sure you wear flat booties and warm coat!


If you are going with a little black or little white dress or jumpsuit try to accessorize it with sequin jacket or chunky statement necklace and fabulous pair of heels. I like to wear red lipstick and shoes with black dress. It's classic powerful and sexy! If you only have black heels, boots or flats you can also accessorize with sparkly make up (nails or eye shadow) or a crown or head piece. 


I have to say that during the year I don't have to many occasions to wear sparkly, evening dresses so I wear them (predictably but with passion) to holiday parties. This kind of dresses definitely do not require much accessorize, I usually just put on dark red or plum lipstick, curl my hair and grab metallic black stilettos and clutch.


- Get two pairs of new sheer leggings if you plan to wear them (one pair always rips)
- Put on leggings with cotton gloves not to rip them with your nails (or sequin on a dress/skirt)
- Bring sheer nailpolish with you in the purse if you are wearing leggings (they always rip)
- If you are missing a sparkle on your look, decorate your heels with some sequin or rhinestones tutorial here.

- Do your own hair but keep it simple, don't try last minute something you never done before, this year I am going with Gibson Wrap, see tutorial here.

- If you really believe you have 'nothing' festive in your closet, the time after New Years it's best time to shop for these kind of dresses as they will be on major sales all through January so take some time and money this year to add some sparkle to your closet for next New Years ;)

- Don't drink alcohol before you put your eyeliner on

Keep calm and sparkle on! 

Happy New Year Divas! :)

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