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How to choose a perfect Christmas gift for Him & Her?

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Do you also have a little bit of anxiety when choosing a perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones or you always know what you are going to get for everyone?

I was never really good with memorizing and remembering birthdays or being overly affectionate in general, my boyfriend and I do not celebrate 'relationship aniversaries' but the older I get, the more conscious effort I put into both noting down birthdays of my loved ones and planning what to gift them with. 

I love giving gifts much more then receiving them, especially when it comes to buying gifts for my boyfriend who gets so overjoyed and excited days ahead of his Bday or Xmass and has this enormous smile on his face when opening gifts that I spend a lot of time and imagination in planning and buying his gifts just to see him so happy and excited.

When it comes to buying gifts for my closest friends, boyfriend and family I have a rule I shop by to design a perfect gift all together and this rule can be followed on any budget. So my gift usually consists of three parts which sometimes overlap:

Usually this item is core of my gift, so maybe a bit more expensive then other parts. This is something I know that a person I am gifting wanted for a while but still didn't get it or couldn't find it, something that I am 100% sure a person will like.

For example this can be a piece of clothing if you know the correct size or a piece of electronics like Kindl or an iPad (depending on your budget), a great book, a fabulous watch or a set of gorgeous cashmere hat, scarf and leather gloves (this works wonderful for men and women). 

If you have a friend who never watches the forecast and always gets caught on the rain maybe you want to get him/her beautiful rubber boots or umbrella and a raincoat

If you are running on a really low budget you can purchase an affordable winter hat in H&M or C&A and then decorate it with feathers, sequins and little crystals from Hobby Store which makes a beautiful customised and personalized gift for a friend, you can even embroider friends name from inside of it (there are tutorials for that on Youtube ;)). 

If you are getting a book for a boyfriend you may want to write a note with special meaning for only two of you inside or customize a button up shirt, a sweater or a bath robe and slippers by taking it to seamstress and asking her to embroider his initials on it.

No matter if your budget is $10 or $1000 you can always make your gift on your own or customise it to make it more personal. I even hand make name tags and add something funny on it which only I and a person I am gifting will laugh at. 

My boyfriend is the King of finding and gifting totally useless but incredibly funny gifts, God only knows where he finds them but he does and they are fabulous!  Few of the stores I personally use and love are  Fancy and  Gag Gifts .

It's 15 more days to Christmas so you don't have to waist time and walk through the cold city and around crowded shopping centers to nervously search for gifts, shop ONLINE people! 

- Kindl, iPad, gift card to Apple Store (for songs and apps), leather business card holder, tie and cuff links, a book, soft bathrobe and slippers with customised initials, button up shirt, yearly ticket for his favorite sports club.

Where to shop?,,, River Island, Converse, Net-a-Porter, My Theresa,

- Shoes/boots (it's not a sience, check her closet for size), Book, Laptop sticker, Gold Foil Tattoo - just like Beyonce, custom jewelry, wallet, clutch, poncho, gift certificate for spa (which has mani & pedi), cashmere tartan scarf, wool hat, iPhone mask, Vogue yearly subscription or LaKatWalk Planner and a Coffee Cup with QR code ;)

Where to shop? ,, Luisa Via Roma,, River Island, Missguided.

Trust me you will pay less and obviously have more choices to choose from and you will certainly get it on time for Christmas. It is beyond me when I hear that (young) people in Croatia still don't shop online but rather get ripped of for prices and quality in local shopping centers. I get all of my gifts online and have never had to return anything yet in last 7 years!

How do you shop for gifts? Share your comment bellow! 

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