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10 Easy Holiday Hot Chocolate Recipes.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Regardless if you are making a hot chocolate for Santa on a Christmas Eve or for your family during holidays you will want to read this post and maybe learn and try some new ways of making this delicious drink.

My personal favorite hot chocolate mixes are lavender-dark hot chocolate where I use natural, dry lavender which gives that amazing scent and taste to your hot chocolate and peppermint hot chocolate where I use both crushed candy cane (I put a candy cane stick in a zip log bag and crush it to pieces with a hammer I usually use to soften meat, this process is also great to de-stress ;)) and fresh mint leaves which I use to decorate the drink but they also reveal beautiful mint aroma as they get in touch with liquid hot chocolate. 

Ouu and if you are feeling extra adventures, you definitely want to try salty caramel hot chocolate. 

In our kitchen here in Barcelona we have a breakfast counter where we have a cereal dispenser, Nespresso coffee machine, selection of teas and cocoa but during holidays I also add a hot chocolate ingredients and decorate them to make a festive hot chocolate counter. 

On my counter I placed decorated jars with: colorful sprinkles, coconut,  peanut butter and chocolate chips, peppermint candy, marshmallows, cinnamon and cream.

This makes also a great drink bar for parties, if you are organizing a grown up party you can add some rum or bailey's. ;)

All of the bellow hot chocolate mixes by SheKnows you can also make into a coffee by adding a shot of espresso to each variant. 

Do you know of another great hot chocolate recipe? Share them in comments, I would love to try them! :)

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