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Summerlicious Flash Tattoos.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Photo source: Child of Wild

Last week a bunch of my ladies and I had a conversation on   LaKatWalk Facebook page about super popular, shinny and trendy flash tattoos! I first discovered these cool temporary golden flash tattoos in wonderful high end designer store in Zagreb, Croatia -  The Clan Store.

Then after you all also loved it I went to explore more options and designs for you if you decide to flash them on your tan Summer skin for the remaining of the Summer or for back to office/school pop!

Price range was similar in all online and physical stores I found and mostly depends on number of cards with different application designs you get in the package. Some applications are larger and some smaller but then there is more of them on one sheet.

If applied properly, a flash tattoo should last anywhere from 7 days to two weeks, depending where on the body you apply it and how you treat it. Don't rub it with towel or apply moisturizer directly on it to make it last longer. Be aware if you wear it on the beach it will cause a tan lines..well but cool shaped tan lines! :) When you want to remove it, just soak it with baby oil and gently scrub it off.


For best application, ask a friend to help position your Flash Tattoo so your skin does not twist or stretch. You want to make sure your skin is clean, dry and free of any oils or the tattoo will not adhere.
Cut out the tattoo as close to the edge as possible (this is important later when you need to line it up) and remove the clear sheet. Place the tattoo face down on your skin and hold a wet cloth against it for about 30 seconds. Peel the paper aside then pat gently with the wet cloth. Tada! Be sure not to twist or stretch skin until the tattoo has had time to set (at least 10 minutes). Flash Tattoos look best after they have had an hour or two to set into the skin.


Online shops with best selection of metallic flash tattoos I found were Child Of Wild - where you can find silver and gold temporary flash tattoos on four sheets, each with different motifs (Native American, Egyptian symbols, Henna, Geometric Shapes) and bonus - Child Of Wild exclusive collaboration with flash tattoos with their branded stickers. The price is $30 for the pack. The only limitation with ordering from this website is that they only deliver within US.

Mr.Kate is another online store where I found more affordable flash tats by Beauty Marks. In their package you get black, gold and silver foil tattoos. The designs are hand draws, cruelty free, not tested on animals. You may get one set for $12 or three sets for $32 and save some.

Finally, a third online shop I found was Sheebani - flash tattoos. Their pack contains four sheets and it costs $25 and they do ship internationally. Estimated duration is 4-6 days for each application. It features beautiful henna-inspired temporary tattoos named after Sheebani, the orphan that inspired the start of the  charity called The Miracle Foundation. 5% of the proceeds of this collaboration will benefit The Miracle Foundation, and their efforts to empower orphans to reach their full potential by revolutionizing the way orphanages are run, funded and managed in India.

Which is your favorite design? Did you try flash tattoos yet?

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