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Crown jewels - the queen is back!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The other day when I posted  '5 things you didn't know about me' post I forgot to add a 'fun fact' that as I was once for halloween introduced to princess costume and a crown it was hard (almost impossible) for my parents to take it off my head. My mum literary needed to take it off my head when I was sleeping and sneak it back on my hand in the morning before I was awake. Indeed, I wore it to school and during classes. When my teacher recommended to take it off I claimed it would be scandalous! Notice drama & dress up pattern in my character at early age, I never seem to grown out of it.

Imagine my thrill when I saw first D&G show with crown looking wreaths in models hair and then this Free People August catalogue with models sporting casual fabulous pre-fall looks with a crown casually sitting on their messy hair. Ohh the joy! I don't even care that I am pushing 30 and wearing a crown again! (I never really took it off, I always wearing my invisible crown.)

But why stop at crown? Let's get bejeweled all over! I selected just a few of my favorite new jewelry pieces below from Free People. One of   my top 10 favorite brands (read websites where I leave most of my hard earned income).

Would you wear any of these new kind of jewelry pieces? If so, which one is your favorite?

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