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A women's worth.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Donna Karan 2011.

I am NOT a shorty, sexy, hottie, chick, bitch, cleaning lady, cook, baby making machine, nor a feminist, careerist, laud mouth. I a human being, a women, a lady, a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend, a dog owner, an athlete, a business owner and a fashion blogger.

I will tell you my women's worth story. I grew up in an average family with parents and a sister. My mother could do it all, she is a successful business women, book writer, home maker and has plenty of hobbies on a side. I grew up seeing women who can do it all, how and when she wants while still fulfilling 'society norms' and doing her family duties and more.

 When I was 16 my grandfather who lived in rural parts of Croatia asked me when I will get married. I left the country when I was 18 to go study on full athletic scholarship in US. In my country girls who play sports are perceived as masculine and not overly attractive while role models for majority of young girls are usually half naked folk singers disfigured from plastic surgeries or 'married-rich' models. The value of a women is measured and perceived based on her looks, marital status, family wealth or her domestic skills.

From young age I felt as a strange breed. I always loved fashion but also wanted to go to great business school abroad, loved winning and wanted to go out explore the world and become independent early. Basketball scholarship allowed me to do it all. So although I played basketball I loved dressing up, I was coming to practice dressed up from business classes, often in high heels and always with some make up and hair done, this didn't make me any less fierce of a competitor on the court or any less feminine and girly off the court. 

Candice Swanepoel by Terry Richardson

My wonderful coach Mathews at Towson Basketball framed me partially into a person who I am today. I had some disagreements with him basketball wise but I absolutely loved him as a person. He was a fatherly figure and a friend who is always there. At our first practice he referred to our team as Lady Tigers.  How fabulous I thought. I am a lady AND a fierce tiger. :) I learned to be disciplined, to be a team player, challenged to be a team leader  and  a problem solver with more positive attitude, but also to follow the rules and respect the authority. These lessons have continued to guide me through my first jobs in fashion showrooms and Ralph Lauren in New York, through my corporate career in Procter and Gamble and today as a blogger and young entrepreneur. 

When I talk to my mostly young generation female teams in PR agencies and refer to them as 'ladies' when I greet them, they seem to be surprised first couple of times. One of them giggled when I said "Hello ladies" and I asked why did my greeting surprised her. She said "I don't know, it seems so respectful. It's strange." 

We can pull many different arguments of why the status of women in society today is so superficial and frankly disrespectful. But instead of blaming men and just complain, lets turn the mirror towards ourselves. What can you do to change it for your daughter one day?

Why don't you say something when you feel disrespected? What kind of image do your portray if you wear a 'tough bitch' t-shirt? How do you comment and treat other women?

"It's important for our daughters and sons to see women and men as different, but equally valued members of society. The measure of a person's worth has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with character."

Terry Rosenberg 

I would love to hear your #WomensWorth story, share it in a comment bellow! 

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  1. We are proud of you!

    My goal is to build a successful career and be a caring mother, as I had the opportunity to watch my own mother all my life as a successful business woman and loving mother. One does not exclude other, although nowadays it seems that does.


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