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5 Things You Didn't Know About Me.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Photo:  Mario Poje 

We all have some a bit strange, interesting and well... just our own things we do, say or believe in. I am listing five of things you might have not known about me and challenging you to share yours, let me hear it and I will reward the most interesting comment with a fun accessory gift! :)

#1 I earned my full university scholarship by playing basketball. I wore mascara and did my hair for every game.

After attending high school for athletes in Croatia I was offered full basketball scholarship at Towson University in Maryland. I loved playing basketball but fashion was always my #1 interest. Since I was little I was observing how people look and combine their clothing and make up differently and how does this match their personality. 

What I liked the most about basketball was winning and it gave me great sense of leadership, endurance and self esteem. I wasn't to happy with a dress code and jersey color though so I was always looking to add some sparkle to my on court look with fabulous eyelashes and sleek and chic hair as jewelry was not allowed and my pink jersey suggestion wasn't taken seriously.

#2 During last seven years I lived in two American states and three different European countries.

A week after graduating in Maryland I moved to Connecticut to work for Abercrombie and Fitch and then shortly after to New York to work at Rugby Ralph Lauren and a number of New York's high fashion showrooms, couple of years later I moved back to Zagreb Croatia where I started working for Procter & Gamble and then work moved me to Budapest, Hungary where I stayed almost two years and moved personally and professionally to Barcelona, Spain. I do hope to stay here for a while, I hate packing so many suitcases all of the time! :)

#3 Never, ever in my life have I went to sleep without taking off my make up.

My family teases me that I am somewhat of a clean and organizational freak, which I am. I easily settle anywhere and make it homy for myself (hence - my contact moving around the world). Cleaning somewhat relaxes me but it also let's me settle quicker and get my routine going. It's the same with make up, I always, always remove my make up before I go to sleep and do my three step regime, no matter how tired.

#4 When moving back from United States I paid additional ticket value only to transport my shoes.

When I was moving back from US I didn't even realize how much stuff I have and when I say stuff I mean shoes. I moved from US about five years ago and my dear friend and ex-roommate Thais still (I hope) is saving boxes load of my stuff at her house (thanks you Thais). I had shoes in my purse, hand luggage and checked in luggage. Two extra suitcases cost me as much as a second flight ticket and a security at the airport invited me aside and asked me what are all of those pointy things in all of my luggage and why does anyone need so many shoes, I swore I wasn't planning to sell them as I spent majority of my hard earned money on them. (He was a man, he would never understand.) 

#5 I always carry peanut butter with me when I travel.

Many find it odd, well...So did I. But I really, really like my peanut butter and different then in US, in Europe it's not that popular nor easy to find. Here in Barcelona I have an american grocery shop right by my house so I stock up on it and when I travel for business instead of eating airplane food and hotel room mini bar expensive snacks I bring my own peanut butter and crackers or I take some apples, bananas or celery from hotel's lunch or breakfast for healthy and protein rich mid day snack in the room.

What are the 5 interesting things not many people know about you? Share them in comment below and the most interesting one will get a surprise gift! :)

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4 fabulous comments

  1. I have a couple of different things I do. I do breathing exercises 2x per day at work as I work in hospital and I always wear something red :)

  2. Love your fun facts, especially #4!


  3. During my stay in Italy I got 10 kilos in 10 months ~ just like in the book Eat, Pray, Love
    (so embarrassing)

  4. 1.ovisnik o stapicima za usi,2 . fobija od hodanja po stubistu-sama,3.razgovaranje sa zivotinjama,4. kad je netko glup osjecam tzv. "tudi bad",5.gledam reprize CSI-a iste sezone 3.put :)


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