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Summer zen in Dubrovnik.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

All photos: my fabulous boyfriend

A couple of posts back I shared that I started to prepare earlier this year with my beach wardrobe, so I ordered some new swimsuits and a beautiful Fleetwood maxi dress made out of vintage lace from   Spell Designs. At first, dress seamed way to big in size large and it does flare a bit around the back but I decided to wear it over black triangle bikini as a beach dress, without the nude cotton underdress it came with.

As I am facing a lot of changes in my life now both in my professional and personal life, this vacation although it was half work half pleasure, was much needed for me. I got solid 5-6 sunny beach days in beautiful Dubrovnik which is more then I could ask for. This year my boyfriend and I changed the beach vs. last year and went for a private little beach in hotel Palace to which only few people have the key to. We sipped morning coffee with a beautiful view of the open sea and afternoon cocktails in complete silence and had time to sleep, think and catch up on reading of our favorite books and magazines. 

First couple of days I did great with protecting my skin with high factor sun protecting oils and lotions while wearing a huge black hat to protect the skin of my face. We also didn't go to the beach until around three pm. Well...until the last Friday when I decided to go to the beach earlier in the morning with my sister and spent the full day there on the sun. That wasn't so smart as although I spent most of the time under umbrella, I still got burned all over.... Now I need to find yet another bikini to match my bright red skin tone and stay away from the sun for at least a couple of days.

After a couple of days of rain showers I finally got to wear my new  Beach Babe bikini which I wrote about in earlier post  here. This bikini runs true to size, I love the side and back (of the bikini top) three straps and rushed floral bottoms. The top ended up a bit tight on me (size S) so I should have went for a size medium, while the only thing I don't like that much about the bottoms is that the inner lining turns outwards on the edges. Other then that, adorable bikini.

Are you on your dream vacation already?

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