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Weekend vacation at Lloret de Mar.

Monday, March 10, 2014

 After super stressful and long work day on Monday, nothing brings smile to my face like cleaning out the sand from my white Converse sneakers and reminiscing about unexpected and magical weekend vacation spent with my boyfriend  in beautiful hotel Santa Marta by the sunny beach in Lloret de Mar, just about an hour from our home here in Barcelona.

Since my boyfriend had magnificent birthday month he earned MPV of the month basketball trophy in Euroleague so coach allowed him not to travel with the team to this weekends away game as he played long minutes each game for a while now and he really, really needed to sleep, eat and rest. God knows I needed a weekend off as well as I can't even recall the weekend I haven't worked at least six hours a day. The deal was - no work, no laptop. Just three of us, Ante, Papi and me on the beach, doing nothing but eating and sleeping all weekend.

We slept in on Saturday morning and made our favorite Reese's pieces pancakes with bananas, coconut, honey and berries pancakes, packed up Papi and drove about an hour to beautiful old but well preserved hotel Santa Marta in Lloret de Mar with amazing service and spectacular food. As Ante would say, the food was "Ouu my God good!".

We immediately went to the beach and spent full day running barefoot on the beach with Papi and walking through the beautiful park surrounding hotel, we watched his team play on TV and went out for the night in the still quite town of Lloret de Mar as after all, it's still early for tourist season here.

On Sunday we had delicious breakfast on a sunny terrace with beautiful beach view and went out for a long walk down the sand beach with Papi, we managed to get tanned a bit and had amazing fish (me) and stake (him) for lunch in the hotel before departing to go back home i Barca and relaxed and full of energy enter yet another work week.

Ugh, I do hope Summer will be here soon! :)

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2 fabulous comments

  1. I could use some time off by the sea... Beautiful photos Kat! Seems like you two are so happy and in love, you're a lucky gal :)


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