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Guilt trip - mini designer bags.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

All of you fashionistas who are like me, each month anxiously waiting for the delivery guy by the window with cup of coffee in your hands waiting for your monthly print editions of Vogue UK, US and France (yes, I still read print magazines to) must have noticed that all of the signature models of designer bags shrunk quite a bit! Major fashion houses like Celine, Chanel, Dior and Ralph Lauren all launched mini editions of their signature bag models. Spoiler alert - prices are not so 'mini'! :) 

Ralph Lauren mini   Ricky bag - $1750.

So as I was putting together my starving plan and wondering how long can really human body survive without food so I can get one of these purses (I anyways need to go on a diet) I browsed the internet while flipping and marking UK Vogue pages for more info for this post, but also to start research for my next 'can't live without + will make me skinny designer purse'. In case any of you plan to go on a similar 'diet plan' as me, I selected a few of my favorites and found best prices for each.

Don't you already feel less hungry for food and more for these ouu so lovely clutches, bags and shoulder bags?  Let me know your 'diet plan'! ;)

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