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Designer quickie: Ana Šurdilović, Tašna.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

From working as a Trendcy curator I had the opportunity to meet wonderful young lady Ana Surdilovic from Sebia behind the brand Tašna, producing clutches and hoodies for now. I was inspired by Ana's positive attitude and business sense as well as her easy going personality which reminded me of one of my childhood friend Iva.

I was interested to learn more about Ana, her brand and how she came to idea for Tašna brand, so I interviewed her for this post.

Ana was kind enough to provide one of her fabulous clutches for LaKatWalk giveaway as well. Find giveaway details on the bottom of this post.

How did you get an idea for launching your own fashion brand?

Actually, I haven’t started with the idea of having my own brand in mind. It all happened spontaneously in a matter of minutes. I designed couple of clutches, as soon as I got them I shared them on Facebook to see the reaction of girls who were my friends. Since the feedback I got was really good, I just continued with designing and selling them via Facebook here in Serbia.

What inspires you for creating of new pieces and where do you source your fabrics from? Do you hold stock or you are making them per order only? 

I find my inspiration all around me, I am especially excited about creating clutches in various prints. I source my fabrics all around, some here in Serbia and some I source from Turkey, as they have wonderful selection to choose from. So far, I was making the clutches on order basics but I am able to produce as many as necessary. 

Is designing clutches already your full time job? Can you live solely out of it or is it still a hobby of yours?

Designing my clutches has become a full time job a while ago now for me, I have registered company and I am developing my own brand, I am paying taxes and all other fees that come with owning your own business :) Indeed, at the beginning it was only a hobby of mine, but it became a serious business very soon after launch.

Since recently your adorable clutches can also be purchased globally through online fashion shopping platform, do you plan to continue to expand to international market?

I am selling my clutches online and shipping them  worldwide, currently I don’t have my own shop so Trendcy is a perfect opportunity for girls who live outside of Serbia to order my clutches and hoodies from. 

Shop She believe... sweatshirt on Trendcy   HERE.

Shop Etno clutch on Trendcy   HERE. 

Recently you collaborated with one of the biggest regional stars, singer Severina, how did you get to work with her and how much did it help with sales?

I got to work with Severina by chance, it happened spontaneously, like most of the things with my brand. I am a huge fan of her for years so I gave her one of my clutches as a gift and it came as a huge and pleasant surprise when she actually wore it to one of the events she attended. Naturally, this kind of celebrity endorsement means a lot for any brand and I sold many ‘Severina clutches’ since. 

What are your plans for the future? Would you like to collaborate with any other designers?

I don’t have any special plans for the future, I plan a I go, most of the things happen unexpectedly for me. If I have to differentiate one designer to collaborate with it would most certainly be Mihail Anusic (Mihano Momosa brand). 

To participate in a giveaway to win fabulous Tašna purse below you need to:

1.Sign up for Trendcy as a shopper and follow Tašna shop
3. Write a comment below this post that you have done steps 1&2.

Giveaway is world wide. Giveaway lasts until April 6th, midnight. 
Winner will be announced on LaKatWalk facebook page.

Good luck lovelies! :)

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