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The guy from the other side of the wall.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Photo by Andrea Matis

Last night I did my usual routine when just returning to our Barcelona apartment: I made a grocery shopping list, changed the bed sheets and ironed bunch of clothes. Then I worked a bit on reviewing images for my new blog posts from the shows I saw on   080 Barcelona Fashion Week. Just as I was done with editing images and started typing up my first post around 10 pm my dog Papi came to ask me to take him out. So I did.  

Just around the corner from the entrance of our building there is an ATM machine in the hall of the bank with glass windows, right by it, there was an older man sleeping on the floor in the corner with small black umbrella and medicine right by his head. 

I stopped in front of the bank for a few seconds and looked around me, people would just look at him and continue walking. First there was a couple with about 10 year old son, then an older guy with a dog and then a young guy in a hoodie who works in a small shop across the street. I wondered what they were thinking. Were they sorry to see him lying on the cold floor? Did they think he just drank and gambled away all of his money and his life? Did they consider to help?

I continued walking ahead and turned the corner to make a small circle around the block. I was thinking how lucky I am to have a normal family who raised me, good education, a job and a very comfortable lifestyle. I almost felt a bit guilty to have a warm bed in a safe apartment to sleep in tonight while on the other side of the wall this older gentleman was hungry and cold, especially at his age (definitely more then 60) and considering that he is obviously sick (as medicine was by his head).  

Once we entered the apartment I went straight to the kitchen and gathered a pack of Oreo cookies, some salty crackers, made a big toast ham and cheese sandwich and packed it all in a zip-lock bag. Then I went to get one of my long warm scarves (almost a blanket) from my closet and packed it all in a large paper bag. 

I walked out of my apartment and tried to quietly place the bag by the older gentleman. He woke up and immediately started to apologize for lying there thinking I wanted to use the ATM. On my horrible Spanish I just told him that I am sorry to wake him up and that the stuff in the bag was for him. He looked at the floor, looking embarrassed and after a short pause he took out the things from the bag...and started crying. I just  smiled, said 'Goodnight' and left.  

Coming back home I couldn't help but wonder, if we all did what we could to help to those who are within our reach, from the other side of the wall, without thinking how and why they are in this difficult situation, without judging (as hard it is to imagine it right now, any one of us can find ourselves in this kind of situation, you really never know) wouldn't world be a much happier and better place to live in?

I know that couple of crackers, sandwich and a scarf might not mean much for him long term, but they made this old man's day, they made him feel happy for a moment and just a bit warmer and it didn't take away anything from me.

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2 fabulous comments

  1. "Ignorirajte me dovoljno dugo i ja ću nestati, ali moj problem nikad neće." - if we all did something like this for just one person, this planet would be a lot happier! svaka cast!!!

    1. Tako nekako. Previše i prečesto spuštamo pogled pored ljudi u nesreći.


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