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5 tips for setting achievable new years resolutions.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Ok, so the new year is here. It started with, well, just another day. Hangover day, feeling kind of lazy kind of day. Just another ordinary day and lots of new hopes and dreams. So how do we organize our thoughts, dig deep in our heart and our head and really, truly decide to change or improve our life as of January 1st of the new year - 2014.? New year new me! Sounds familiar? 

I started setting my new years resolutions mid way through college, at the beginning they sounded quite dreamy, idealistic and vague, and as you might be guessing, many I didn't manage to complete. As I was growing up they became more structured and precise. Although quite a creative and 'in a world of my own' as a child, I always did know what I wanted, I just wasn't sure always how to get there.


This year setting my new years decisions wasn't all that hard. I woke up with slight headache at 2pm, made my favorite pancakes with raspberries, blueberries and bananas with champagne for breakfast and opened my   Ženski rokovnik planner from last year to review how many of the last years decisions I completed. 

With a bit of luck and a LOT of hard work and persistence I managed to complete about 95% of set goals. What's left was 'to complete photography 101 course'  for which I have promptly booked a slot here in Barcelona last week as soon as I unwrapped my new DSLR Nikon camera which my boyfriend got me for Christmas. 

If you didn't get to complete all of your resolutions ask yourself if you still feel strongly about them, if yes then transfer them to this new year and if not, just cross them out. As we grow up, our priorities, needs and desires change, so do the goals.

"Old ways won't open new doors."

#2 LIST ALL OF YOUR DREAMS AND WISHES (no matter how crazy).

Temporarily I jotted down my goals for 2014. to my iPad notes, until I get my hands on new leopard print   Ženski rokovnik planner. Then I went for a walk with my dog Papi (for some reason walking around helps me think) and after I came back I separated my goals to three groups: private, business and blog related goals but this might be different for everyone, depending on your priorities. 

Then under each of the three I listed 2-3 priorities for example, under Private I wrote:
Relationship: to stop working by 6pm daily and spend time with my boyfriend and my dog Papi.

Important note! Before you move ahead to step #3, really edit your goals, they need to be actionable, clear, realistic, challenging but achievable within 365 days you have ahead of you. Keep them up to five if more time consuming or up to 10 if you have mix of short term and a bit longer term goals.

For example. a goal like 'buy a car' is not realistic goal if you don't have a job jet and no money, so set them in priority order.

"The new year mean's nothing if you're are still in love with your comfort zone."
Rachel Wolchin


In order to motivate yourself and make your goals more then just words on a paper write a sentence or couple of words on how you will achieve this particular goal. For example. If your goal is to pay of your credit card, first thing you need to do is get the scissors and cut it to pieces, throw it away and then call your banker and schedule a face to face appointment to discuss a plan suitable for you to pay it of within the shortest time possible. 


As the last point for each of my goals I set a time frame in which I want to complete it, for example, photography course I am attending is in February, so as a deadline I wrote 'end of February'. If my goal is more long term like  (we are only talking about things you can complete within a year) 'to loose 5 kg' then I will break it into monthly goals to be more inspired and to monitor my progress, so the deadline might be by May 1st and then it would make it 1kg/month maybe.


We had a great time and ate some great food for holidays, now it's time to get our butts up and start working on our goals and dreams. The point is not to place a check mark on some list, the point of this is to improve and grow as a person, to become happier. Keep your new years resolutions list 'alive' and visible. Print it out and put it by your mirror or set yourself a deadline reminder in your iPhone or iPad, or like me, add it to your planner where you will be reminded to it daily, whatever works, just start somewhere and don't e discouraged if you don't complete it all 100%, hold yourself accountable and NEVER, EVER give up! 

"You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling!"

What is your new years resolution? 

Fill in the gap: I resolve to _________ .

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2 fabulous comments

  1. Katarina, I`ve read this post in just one breath. :-) It`s great! My first new years resolutions were that i have to eat more, because I only weight 49kg(on my 172cm height) it`s too few kilos and to take a course in German language. Your post give some ideas on some more resolutions,and I am really looking forward to see if I am going to accomplish them. xoxo

    1. Thank you darling! :) You do need to eat more! I need to put together some recipes for you soon and post them on the blog. I also have Spanish lessons on my list. Good luck with your goals, I am sure you will make it, just be persistent and hold yourself accountable for completing each of them one at the time. Let me know how it goes! Xoxo


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