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5 tips for sales shopping.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sales! Sales! Sales! Now when holidays are over and many of us spend lots of money on gifts for our friends and family stores invite us back in with huge red discount percentage symbols % and here in Barcelona, they are taking it off big time, especially domestic brands like Mango and Zara.

Yesterday after full day of catching up with my household chores and finally taking time to go to hairdresser for a hair-spa and my regular cut I took my boyfriends mum for sales/rebajas shopping.

Now, I can go rather loco when I enter the store during sales peak, I am all like 5 year old in candy shop, running from clothing rack to shelf: Uuuu I want that! I need that! - but then I take a deep breath, give myself a mental slap and a reality check and I bring out my critical eye which I use when evaluating designer collection or my own blog posts.

Grey cotton blazer & long super soft gray sweater from Zara

So I decided to share with you what I got yesterday on sales and what are some of the things I pay attention to while sales shopping (after discount shopping in Spain, Italy, US (New York) and London I learned a thing or two on my own mistakes).

Animal print is definitely staying IN across seasons!
 Mango zebra print leather chain purse. Zara snake skin skinny belt. Hoss Intropia leopard print heel booties.

Zara cotton and silk pink button up (can be worn Summer - Winter). 
Sleeveless stripe deep V-neck top and black deep V-neck long sleeve shirt.

#1 Review your closet.
Before you get out of your house, do a quick closet review, just like you do a quick kitchen/fridge/cupboard review before going grocery shopping. Make a list of things you really need like for example: black socks, tights, undershirts, cigarette pants, white button up or maybe a new black winter coat. Sales are a great way to really refresh and build a base of your closet because this way you don't have to go and get these in H&M but rather get a better quality piece for example a black pencil skirt in Max Mara, Massimo Dutti or button up in Ralph Lauren. Invest at least 50% of your discount shopping budget in replenishing your closet staples. 

#2 Set the budget & pay in cash.
After holidays, we all are a bit short on money, especially if you have big family and you spent a lot on gifts. If you have some money left over and you want to spend it on yourself and enjoy some discount shopping decide on budget you want to spend and stick to it! Go to ATM, withdraw this money in cash and leave your credit and debit cards at home. Ok, this might be a HUGE shocker for some, but trust me, if you are emotional spender like I am and on top, highly in love with fashion "I need it all" borderline shopaholic, you really want to listed to this advice. I used to have a really poor control over my spending, but after paying of two credit cards in full on my own (I don't own one anymore) I learned how to budget very well.

#3 Don't buy discounted if you wouldn't pay full price for it.
When you enter the store all of this adrenalin of mass of hysteric people hunting for bargains mixed with shinny new clothes, big discount signs and your own emotional need to have more and more of this beautiful can't live without clothes, now for only $50.99 can't totally mess with your head, so you end up buying pieces you will never wear. When you take a piece of clothing from the rack, ask yourself: Do I have at least 5 pieces I can combine with it in my closet already? Can I wear it next year or is this some very seasonal piece (ex. crop top)? If answer is no - put it back.

#4 Check for damages and type of fabrics.
Due to the fact that many people try on and are in a great hurry during discounted period, a lot of clothing in the stores get's damaged (especially pieces with beading, knits and thin fabrics) or stained. DO NOT buy these, not event if they give you additional discount. You don't need anything this bad.
          Even if the price is only $5.99 don't buy something made of cheap fabric which will shrink to Barbie size or rip after first wash. No matter a low amount, this is still waste of money. 

#5 Have fun - buy that one outrageous piece which only fashion bloggers would wear! :)
This tip goes against rule #3 but as long as this piece doesn't take more then about 30% of your budget - get it to make yourself happy! You deserved it! For example, I got a Spring collection necklace which wasn't something I really needed but it took about 20% of my budget, it is absolutely uncomfortable, huge and it doesn't go with almost anything I own but it was a love at first sight, I work hard and after I got all of the staples I came for, I got this necklace for the remaining of money and I can't wait to wear it!

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